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Year 6 Watson

Welcome to Year 6W!

Friendship week balloon release!

What a wonderful start to year 6 we have had! I am so impressed with Class 6W’s enthusiasm to learn. They have shown consistent determination, interest and they have welcomed the challenges that they have been faced with at the beginning of year 6. I am so excited to get stuck into our work this year but for the time being, the following is what we have been learning and what we shall continue to build upon for the rest of this term:

Our class novel in Literacy is based upon Michelle Magorian’s Goodnight Mr Tom. This emotional whirlwind of a story is based on an unloved evacuee, who has been sent from a dangerous British city during World War 2, to the countryside, to stay with an old gentleman named Mr Oakley. So far the children have been hooked! They are beginning to show an understanding of the plot and they are demonstrating real empathy for the two main characters in the story. We have drawn upon this interest and shall continue to use this story for the basis of our writing, allowing the exploration of different text types such as diary entries and story predictions.

Class 6W have really shown off their super understanding of number and place value. Not only have we built upon this but we have also spent some time consolidating the children’s understanding of time. These skills have then been utilised to solve time problems. It is important that the children continue to practise telling the time, interchangeably between analogue and digital clocks, in everyday, real life contexts. Please continually question your child about the time on a daily basis in order to embed these learnt skills.


From telling the time, year 6 have been learning to complete and extend number sentences. Again this has drawn upon their existing and growing knowledge of positive and negative integers and decimal numbers. The children have then gone on to reading coordinates accurately. These skills are going to come into use whilst we are on our residential in the Lake District. Our next area of learning in numeracy will move on to the rounding of numbers and then on to fractions.


The following skills and facts will be practised and daily to secure the children’s mathematical understanding:

  • Times tables up to 12 x 12;

  • Counting forwards and backwards in positive/negative numbers as well as decimal numbers from any given starting point;

  • Formal written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division;

  • Explaining and reasoning.


Where possible, please encourage your children to practise these skills daily. It is extremely important that your child knows their timetables and can recall them all within three second.

It is important that in year 6, we support and encourage your child to allow them to fulfil their potential. It is also paramount to prepare and develop them so that they are ready for their move to high school. To ease this transition, your child will move between the two year 6 classes for the teaching of various different aspects of the curriculum and they will be taught by different adults (Miss Watson, Mr Stenton, Mrs Abbott, Mrs O’Hagan and Mrs Mumford) so that their learning is tailored to their ability. Please find below a link to the subjects covered this year.