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Welcome to Year 4P's page! 


Throughout the year, Miss Platt and Mrs Hallen will keep you updated on our learning journeys, trips and any exciting events that may happen. 

There will also be links to any websites that the children could use at home to support their learning. However, please remember the importance of reading every night at home. 




This half term in Geography, we are going to be looking at the Earth and all of its features. These include; the Equator, Northern and Southern Hemispheres,Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Longitude and Latitude and Time Zones. 


The children should already know the names of the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. Below is a great video to help the children to revise this.



Our class novel


This term, to link to our history topic, we are reading a fictional novel that is based on the Ancient Egyptians. Ka, the time travelling cat, returns to Ancient Egypt and is to be sacrificed by an Egyptian Goddess. Will Topher save him in time? What problems will he encounter on his journey?


Image result for time travellin gcat and the egyptian goddess

Science - States of Matter

Science - States of Matter 1
Science - States of Matter 2
Science - States of Matter 3
Science - States of Matter 4
Science - States of Matter 5
Science - States of Matter 6

This half term, we have been discovering that materials have different states of matter and that each one has different properties. We have looked at how certain materials can change their state of matter like water. We now understand the meaning of new key words such as; evaporation, condenstation, melting, freezing, properties, molecules, water cycle and precipitation. 


Please find a link to the song we have been learning to understand the water cycle -