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Year 4 Platt

Year 4's Gospel Values are;

Compassion, kindness, service of neighbour

Simplicity, non-attachment to wealth

Bonjour et bienvenue

 to Year 4P's page! 



Year 4P home school news


Hi to all 4P's children, parents and carers! I will be updating any extra information you need, right here, on our class web page.


During the time the children are at home, I will be uploading daily tasks to the RM portico page. If you need any assistance with this or have any questions for me, please email me at This is to keep the lines of communication open. Please contact Miss Chronnell for any questions based on the Science, Geography and History work set. 


I will be checking my email daily and will try to help out in whatever way I can.  This is a contact so that you can ask for help, support and guidance with your children's school work during this period of closure.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Sending my warmest regards, 


Miss Platt 

STEM letter with rocket examples

         STEM AMBASSADORS                           WANTED!


What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths



Do you have a keen interest in how things work? Do you have a creative mind and enjoy making things? Well, this could be the perfect role for you!


Six STEM ambassadors will be selected and they will help to develop our STEM learning in school, including being involved in projects, organising competitions and inspiring others with their knowledge and creativity.


If you would like the chance to become a STEM ambassador, your task is to make a rocket to replicate an actual space rocket (no bigger than 40cm in height please). Attention to detail is very important! The best rocket will be displayed in our new STEM zone, for everyone in school to see.






Please also write a short letter to the STEM team explaining why we

should choose you as a STEM ambassador.


Email both your completed letter and a picture of your rocket to by 1st September 2020.


We look forward to seeing your entries!


The STEM Team

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing OK and you are enjoying your home school work. smiley

As you know, I am in charge of Art and I have found some really talented children's book illustrators who have made some videos teaching you how to draw characters, step-by-step. Click on the art page link below and you will find the videos there. 


Happy sketching! 

First News - Virtual Newspaper. Keep up to date with the news - kids style!

Competition #3 Geography

Send us your photo!

Competition #1 - History

Art from home


Use the link below to head to the curriculum art page and find some helpful websites where you can try out some sketching and even online collage! 

Time Capsule Photos

Times Table Rockstars - 4P Vs 4W weekly battle is live! Get battling!

Art Days - Spring term


We have started our 'Art Days', this half term, by sketching and designing our own dragon eyes. All inspired by our class novel 'How to train your dragon' and taking inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy's 3D art. We have learnt how to shape, manipulate and add designs to clay to create different textures. Look out for our finished, painted dragon eye sculptures later in the week!


We've got an eye on you! 

Steel Pans

Still image for this video
4P during their weekly Steel Pan lesson. They have come such a long way since September.

Steel Pans

Still image for this video

P.E - Basketball

Over the last half term, the children in 4P have been building up their knowledge and practicing the skills required in basketball. The children have learnt to dribble (but not double dribble), pass to members of their team, protect their ball and hold the ball in the triple threat position. Please see the pictures below where we are putting our skills into practice. 

Basketball - game play


Throughout Advent we have been reading scripture and exploring the answer to the question, 'What's so special about gifts?' At first, we thought the question was relating to materialistic gifts, but we soon realised that the most important gift was the gift that God sent to us - Jesus! See our class advent calendar below, and the ways in which we prepared for Jesus's arrival throughout Advent. 


Design and Technology days - Autumn


During our first term we have been designing our very own Canopic Jars. We had to meet the following brief.


Design brief: Design and make an Egyptian Canopic jar. It must be large enough to contain a human organ. It must have a removable lid, which has the appearance of an animal’s head. The body of the Canopic jar should feature hieroglyphs. Colours used should be thought about carefully.


We had to ensure that the structures of out Canopic jars could hold a human organ but also look as amazing as some of the ones found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. We think we met the brief quiet well. What do you think?


Design and technology (Structures) Canopic Jars

Science - Switched On!


From mains powered to battery. We now know how most electrical items are powered! We discovered how to build a simple circuit and to identify any faults that there may be in our circuit. In pairs, we created different types of switches and tried them out - we all had light bulb moments! Finally, we looked at what materials we could use in place of wires and soon found out all about insulators and conductors.

Switched On!



This half term in Geography, we are going to be looking at the Earth and all of its features. These include; the Equator, Northern and Southern Hemispheres,Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Longitude and Latitude and Time Zones. 


The children should already know the names of the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. Below is a great video to help the children to revise this.



Topical Vocabulary

Our class novel


This term, to link to our history topic, we are reading a fictional novel that is based on the Ancient Egyptians. Ka, the time travelling cat, returns to Ancient Egypt and is to be sacrificed by an Egyptian Goddess. Will Topher save him in time? What problems will he encounter on his journey?


Image result for time travellin gcat and the egyptian goddess

Science - States of Matter

This half term, we have been discovering that materials have different states of matter and that each one has different properties. We have looked at how certain materials can change their state of matter like water. We now understand the meaning of new key words such as; evaporation, condenstation, melting, freezing, properties, molecules, water cycle and precipitation. 


Please find a link to the song we have been learning to understand the water cycle -