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Year 3/4 Miss Bagnara

Welcome to Year 3/4

Summer 2.


As part of the school D & T week we designed our own vehicles. In Year 3/4 we based our designs on the topics we have covered this year so we had pirates, romans, local area and Roald Dahl themed vehicles.  In our groups we designed a vehicle using cardboard boxes and lids, we chose the colurs and any decoration needed to complete the design.  We had to make sure that the chasis underneath would work so all our measurements for the axles and wheels had to be accurate so the the cars would travel in a straight line. All of them were tested in the school hall and prizes will be given out for the best performance and design. At the moment of writing we are still awaiting the results - so fingers crossed!!

D & T Week



Author Visit


We were very lucky to have the author Alan Durant vist our school! 

We had an assembly with Alan in the morning and then in the afternoon he came to our classroom where we were able to do some work with him and we were able to ask him questions about his writing. It was very interesting and he gave us lots of advice and ideas to use to help us with our writing. Together we made an acrostic poem about the world cup - here it is!!


                                     WORLD CUP


                    Or lose

                    Remember your training

                    Lets bring this on

                    Don't bite like Suarez


                    Celebrate your goals!!

                    Use your brain and your skills

                    Play your heart out!!








Alan Durant Visit

In Literacy, during Fair Trade Fortnight we were learning how to write a rap. We had so much fun that we decided to write a Fair Trade rap. Miss set us a challege; the best stanzas  would be put together to form the rap and loaded onto the school website.


Congratulations to Diana, Nabiya, Tolu and William!




I'm a banana worker toiling in the blazing sun,

I don't get much money and I have no fun.

Carrying bananas on my back all day,

The smallest amount that is what they pay.



I'm the supermarket selling bananas all day long,

If the bananas are brown, the customers say it's wrong.

They decide not to shop at the store any more,

And one by one they leave through the door.



I'm the plantation owner in charge of the crop,

Tesco don't pay me enough so I'll ask another shop.

Tools, pesticides and machinery to pay for,

If there's a bad harvest, I have to pay out even more.



I'm the shipper transporting bananas overseas,

In the big cargo ships that sail with ease.

I need more money to pay for the fuel,

And for the fridges to keep the bananas cool.


I'm the importer and ripener of the bananas,

Transporting and ripening without any dramas.

I need more money for the licence fee,

Please don't think I'm greedy it's not all for me.


Parental Help with Roman Britain

Year 3/4 Romans and Celts Assembly


On Friday 14th March we presented our class assembly for the school, our parents and friends.


We practised for a week beforehand and we are pleased that everything went without a hitch!


Many thanks to all the parents who were able to attend and to those who stayed for our Stay & Play session afterwards. We all took part in an art activity making Roman or Celtic shields. We have added some photos from the assembly and the art activity - we hope you enjoy looking at them.

Our Assembly and Stay & Play

The Dewa Roman Experience, Chester.


We went to the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester to find out more about the Romans. We had a great time. Take a look!

A Roman Experience in Chester

Sacramental Programme

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Yr 3/4 Sacramental Display
This is a very special year for us as we continue on our Sacramental Journey. We received the Sacarament of Reconciliation on Sunday 17th November.
We drew self portraits from black and white photos