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Year 3C (Miss Loftus)

Summer 2. We cannot believe that we only have a few weeks to go! We have so much to fit in!


Week beginning 27 June we have DT week which will see us making our own moving monsters. Keep your eyes peeled for images showing the designing, making and evaluating process!


On Thursday 30 June we are celebrating sports day in the afternoon on the school field. It would be great to see parents and carers there!

In Summer 1 we looked at 'Tuesday' - a picture book by David Weizner. We retold the story in our own words and we used our very own frogs as the stars of our stories!

Sam named his frog Googly-Eyed Miss Loftus - can you tell which one is his?




We visited Broughton Library in December. Quite a few of us have been back and borrowed some fascinating books!

Throughout the Autumn Term, we enjoyed our PE lessons with Mr Bailey, where we were involved in lots of fun multi-sports activities...


In Spring 1, we listened to music and created our own dance patterns to the beats. We travelled in a variety of ways - from zooming speedily, to plodding lazily. Also, we used adverbs to describe our travelling!


Now we are going swimming and most of us are really progressing! Some of 3C had never been swimming, but you can't tell which ones as we all give 100% each week!


During Autumn 2, we enjoyed adding numbers with up to 3-digits, using the column method. First, we added numbers in columns without bridging, using base 10. Then, if we felt confident, we moved onto exchanging where we enjoyed exchanging ten ones for a ten or ten tens for a hundred by playing a dice game against our partner. This gave us the skills we needed to add two numbers that bridge through the tens and hundreds.


In Spring and Summer, we used our knowledge to begin to use more formal methods of addition. We also started to look at column subtraction!

It's been a very Lava-ly half term in Year 3!


During Autumn 1 in 3C, we enjoyed learning all about volcanoes. We were independent learners, researching lots of information using the internet and topic books. 

We now know: where volcanoes are found in the world; the names of some well-known volcanoes; how a volcano erupts, and so much more!
We have also written fantastic volcano adventure stories, where we used some excellent vocabulary, interesting sentence openers and speech to really bring our adventures to life!