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Year 1

Mrs Clifford & Miss Power

Y1C Mrs Clifford's Class

Y1P Miss Power’s Class

Year 1 in action…

Well done 1C for reclaiming the attendance trophy, with an amazing 98% attendance last week! Hope you enjoyed your chocolate 😋

Y1 enjoyed a well-deserved fun day to celebrate our school's OUTSTANDING Ofsted grading! 🥳🤩

We have been using scientific words to describe different objects. We learnt new words, such as 'opaque', 'transparent' and 'rigid'. Can you tell your grown-ups what these words mean?

We have been identifying and describing the physical properties of a selection of materials. Let’s play a game...

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Still image for this video

We recognised that the same type object can be made using different materials...

In art, we have been studying Wassily Kandinsky. We have studied his art work, had a go at creating different tones by adding black or white to a colour, recognised the three primary colours, mixed two of them together to create a secondary colour and looked at Kandinsky’s style when painting! Today we started to create our final piece in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.

Year 1C did it again! Last week, we achieved 97% attendance! The best in EY and KS1 🏆🍫

In maths we have been exploring odd and even numbers. We noticed that even numbers can be grouped in twos, but odd numbers there is always one left over!

31.01.24 - 1C enjoyed drawing equal sets in Mastering Number today!

🚦 Well done to this week's Traffic Light Treat winners for their excellent home reading. Enjoy your new books!

In science, 1P have been exploring materials. We recognised that most objects are made from more than one material...

1C exploring objects around the classroom, and identifying the materials from which they are made...

w.c 29th January- This week we are exploring number patterns in maths. 1C enjoyed working together to create their own number patterns.

Take a look at our number patterns...

Before Christmas, children had the opportunity to enter a poetry competition. They were asked to create a short paragraph about a Super Pet. All entries were sent off and this week they announced the winners! WINNERS-if you would like your poem to be published, you must return your consent forms! Well done to everyone that took part! If you were not successful this time, please don’t give up! There is currently a new competition you can enter called The Poetry Bus! Entry forms are available in the library. If you would like further information please visit

Well done to our first 6 Traffic Light Treat Winners of 2024!

In science, we have been investigating which paper is most suitable for painting on, mopping up water or writing on. We tested kitchen paper, drawing paper, greaseproof paper, tissue paper and wrapping paper.

1C loved visiting Broughton Hub library this morning. Please try to visit the library over the coming weeks, with your grown-ups, to return your book and borrow new ones!

Library Visit

We love to read!

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Year 1 have been studying Wassily Kandinsky in art. Today, we explored making secondary colours by mixing two primary colours together. We also practised shades. To make a colour lighter we add white and to make a colour darker we add black.

Year 1C are rocking and rolling in PE!

Can you guess which traditional tale we've been reading in Year 1?!

Great teamwork to sequence the story of Little Red Riding Hood! 🌟

Our new science topic is 'Materials'. We have learnt the different between an object and a material and enjoyed sorting different objects, according to the material they are made from.

We have been learning about 2D shapes. So far, we can recognise circles, squares, triangles and oblongs! We went on a shape hunt around school.

Year 1P have been exploring materials! We looked for objects made from wood, metal and plastic!

We have also been exploring objects made from materials of glass, rock/brick, fabric and water. We learnt some new words today. Ask us what ‘transparent’ and ‘opaque’ means.

Year 1C did it again! The week before the holidays, we achieved 99% attendance! The best in EY and KS1 🏆

Year 1C had lots of fun, enjoying the end of half term, with a Christmas party! Thank you to all parents and carers for your kindness and generosity! We had such a fun day!

We played lots of party games! Pass the parcel, music bumps, musical statues and enjoyed lots of dancing!

Some special visitors came and brought us each a chocolate bar 🎅🏼🍫

Well done to the following children for achieving 100% attendance this term!

Year 1C designed, made and evaluated a moving Christmas card in Design Technology!

We chose to create a stable with a moving star and Angel!

We chose to create a snowman with a moving carrot nose!

We chose to create a chimney with Father Christmas moving up and down!

🚦 Well done to this week's Traffic Light Treat Winners, for their excellent home reading. Enjoy your new books! 📚

Year 1C created calendars of the four seasons

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch our nativity.🎄 I am sure you will all agree that the children were FANTASTIC! 🤩


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Christmas stay and play

Christmas jumper day in Year 1C!

We have been ordering numbers from 1-100 in Year 1C!

Well done to this week's Traffic Light Treat winners, for excellent reading at home! Enjoy your new books!

Animal Handling Workshop

In PSHE, our topic is money. Today, we discussed things we need and things we want. We recognised that things we have asked Santa for, are things we want, because they make us feel happy. Things we need are shelter, water, food and clothing. We need these things to survive. We sorted photo objects into two piles of ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.

Y1 visit our school library on Monday lunchtimes and Thursday afternoons. We love our library visits!

In Geography, Y1C are learning about the seven continents. We identified each continent by its shape and size and then labelled them. We used an atlas to help us create our very own world map!

Year 1P enjoy continuing their learning at home! In Science, we have been learning about autumn and reptiles! K says, “Reptiles have dry, scaly skin. They lay eggs. They are cold blooded!” L says, “Leaves fall off the trees in autumn! The leaves are yellow and brown. They are crispy!”

On Friday 17th November, Year 1 celebrated friendship week! We went on a ‘Friendship March’ around the playground. We recognised that we need to make time for one another, listen to one another and have fun! We discussed our friends' qualities and enjoyed singing ‘You’ve got a friend in me’

You’ve got a friend in me...

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This week is ‘Friendship Week’. Year 1C discussed why it is important to have friends, be a good friend and the qualities of the friends we each have. We sang a friendship song and created friendship clouds. In pairs, we recognised five good qualities of our friends and shared them. Year 1 always have good friends in one another!

We used our body parts when we sang ‘Get Going’ in music today!

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We then played instruments to the pulse!

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Year 1C enjoyed printing in the style of Richard Long...

Y1C exploring numbers 51-100

In Science, we have now learnt about the five animal groups: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians! Let’s play a game with Year 1P! What am I?

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What am I?

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What am I?

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Year 1P have been exploring numbers 51-100...

Third week running! Year 1C are on a roll! Best attendance in EY and KS1 for last week! An amazing 98% 🏆

On Friday 10th November, we celebrated Remembrance Day. We held a two minute silence, at 11am, to remember the millions who died at war. We recognised that poppies are worn on Remembrance Day because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after the First World War. We use Remembrance Day to remember all those who fought for their country, those who died and those who came home.