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Year 2 Riley

Welcome to Year 2R!


The children have really stepped up to the challenges of Year 2 and are growing in independence.







So far, the children have written narratives and a range of recounts. They are becoming increasingly secure at using a range of sentence structures when writing. The children received a mysterious letter (see above) to which they have replied and are currently awaiting a response.

A Visit from a Poet!


We have had an exciting visit from the poet, Paul Delaney. He shared some of his poems with us and gave us an insight of how to compose our own. We've had a go... please have a read!

A Trip to the Theatre...


Each year, we enjoy a trip to watch a Christmas Pantomime. However, this year was different. We went to theatre to watch the production of 'A Christmas Carol'. A more serious yet enthralling show. The theatre itself was an experience - an octagon shape with the stage in the centre. Due to its size, it was intimate and you felt like you was an observer inside the show itself, alongside the very professional actors. It was emotive and gave the children a lot to reflect upon and consider. The discussions that ensued were rich with connections and inferences. Please see the trailer for the show below.





In maths, the children have been exploring and manipulating numbers within 100. They have gained a very good conceptual understanding of their values and have become fluent in their use. The children use their reasoning skills daily and are able to use their skills to solve problems.


The children have began to learn their multiplication and division facts (10, 2 and 5s)- they are encouraged to practise them daily. Through her hard work and determination to succeed - Roksana, before the Autumn term was out, had become fluent in her facts and she is now able to use them confidently to solve problems.

Rock Climbing


A visit to our local  centre has given the children a taste of the physically and mentally demanding sport of rock climbing. It tested their strength, endurance, agility, balance and mental control. The children thrived on the opportunity and demonstrated their learning powers - in particular 'don't give up' and 'keep improving'.



Physical Education


We have been enjoying our Physical Literacy lessons in PE, where we have been developing our ability to follow instructions and work collaboratively,  as well as our key skills in throwing, catching and controlling a ball with our feet.



In history, we have been learning about The Great Fire of London, which took place in 1666. Each Friday, the children have been coming into school, dressed up and in role, as a child from the era. We have worked by candle light and the children have been immersed in their learning. They have developed their skills of historical enquiry, as well as their knowledge and interpretation.



We are Apprentice Gardeners!


In science, we are developing our skills and understanding to be able to grow our own food. The children are investigating different seeds and beans and how they grow. The aim is for them to design, grow and cook their own soups!




Throughout our music lessons, we have been listening to and evaluating live and recorded music (we particularly liked it when Mrs Fowler played her saxophone!). We have been exploring different instruments, and have experimented to compose and then perform a number of our own pieces. Also, we have been enjoyed using our voices expressively and creatively by singing songs, speaking chants and rhymes.


Thank you to everyone who came to our Christmas Carol performance - we hope you enjoyed it!