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During the year, Mrs Williamson and Miss Chronnell will keep you updated on our learning journeys, trips and any exciting events that may happen.


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Times tables practice



Times tables and Division practice

https//>maths-games> hit-the-button


You will need to know all of the times tables facts up to 12 x12 by June 2020. This is when you will take the new Times Tables test.


Spelling and Grammar Practice





Our class novel is 'The Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess' by Julia Jarman

In his quest to find a stray cat who has befriended him, Topher is led on a journey through space and time, finding exotic people and places as well as danger.


We have written character and setting descriptions. Towards the end of term, we planned and wrote a story about Topher rescuing Ka from being sacrificed. We learnt how to open a story with dialogue and then introduce the characters. Some of us have started to use paragraphs, which we will be consolidating next term.

Our Class Poem is The River by Valerie Bloom

The river’s a hoarder,

And he buries down deep

Those little treasures

That he wants to keep.


The river’s a baby,

He gurgles and hums,

And sounds like he’s happily

Sucking his thumbs.


The river’s a singer,

As he dances along,

The countryside echoes

The notes of his song.


The river’s a monster,

Hungry and vexed,

He’s gobbled up trees

And he’ll swallow you next.


The River is about the many faces of a river.  He  is  a hoarder where  he  keeps  things  deep  down in  his  river bed.  Sometimes, he is a baby when he is happily flowing along. At times, he is a singer as seen through the happy sounds of the water.  Finally, he is also a monster and can devour trees.

Can you find the metaphors and examples of personification?

Can you illustrate each stanza?


We recited our poem to a real audience during assembly on Friday.

Our poem for next term is more contemporary; Gran Can You Rap.



We have been busy working on place value and number because we cannot work with numbers( add, subtract, multiply and divide), if we don't understand numbers.


We have read and written numbers, represented numbers using different apparatus, partitioned numbers, partitioned numbers in different ways, estimated numbers on a number line and rounded numbers.


Picture 1 finding fractions
Picture 2 rounding to the nearest 10
Picture 3 comparing
Picture 4 estimating numbers on a number line
Picture 5 multiplying by 10
Picture 6 multiplying and dividing by 10, 100
Picture 7 a bead string to calculate number bonds to 100
Picture 8 a 100 square to calculate number bonds to 100
Picture 9 an abacus to understand tenths and hundredths



The children have enjoyed learning about 'States of Matter' this term. They understand how molecules in solids, liquids and gases behave differently and children even had a go at moving around the classroom as if they were one of the three states. Children accurately sorted materials into each of the three groups.


We carried out experiments to help the children understand the water cycle. The experiment involving Miss. Chronnell's 'disappearing' ice lolly, and the children later realising the liquid had been evaporated by the sun, was particularly enjoyable.






Our topic this term has been the Ancient Egyptians. The children have had great fun learning about Egyptian Gods, rankings in society, pharaohs and the afterlife.


We all especially enjoyed our trip to the Egyptian museum in Bolton, where the children learnt about the afterlife in more detail and positioned Ancient Egypt on a human timeline.


Take a look at our photos below where we got to dress up as goddesses and pharaohs,  and also had a close look at a REAL mummy!



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5



During the last week of term, we immersed the children in the artwork of French artist Suzanne Valadon. If you'd like to find out more about her - here's a link


It was lovely for the children to learn about an artist from France, which links nicely to our MFL topics. Take a look at the following pictures - some of the artwork produced is quite incredible!



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5


The POP Project came back to school to present their new show 'Walking on Sunshine'

The KS2 show focused on developing good behaviour, high achievement and good health by being happy through :

Developing a positive mindset
Growth vs fixed mindsets, encouraging a positive outlook
Practising mindfulness

Appreciating the moment, not worrying about the past or future
Building character

Confidence, resilience, independence
Getting the right amount of sleep

The value of sleep for good attainment
Following interests and talents

Engaging in enjoyable activities

The 90 minute show had lots of interaction for the children and their live music included "Walking on sunshine", "Happy", "Hi ho silver lining"