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Year 4 Williamson

Welcome to Our Class Page


What a busy start it has been!


A warm welcome to the new children who have joined us and to the new staff. Miss Wood will be supporting us in class on Monday and Tuesday mornings. On Fridays, she will be teaching us all day.


What's new in Year 4?  Drumming lessons on a Friday! The children have made a great start and are very enthusiastic. I wonder why? They are going to do their very best, and they are looking forward to performing at The Lowry in the Summer Term. 


We are learning to speak Spanish on a Friday morning with our new Spanish teacher. 


Some new clubs will be starting soon: Cooking, Netball. Football, Games and  Cheerleading.


Michael Morpurgo is our author for this year. We will be choosing his books to read from our school library. How many of his books will you read this year? How many have you read already?



In Maths, we are trying to improve our understanding of Place Value. What fun we had when we bundled straws into groups of ten in the hall with our peers. Our work will be up on display soon to help to remember.







Understanding Place Value using straws

Parents at the bottom of the page, there is a topic web for this half-term, showing what we will be learning.


 Some of us in Year 4 have achieved the John Muir Award. What does this mean? We spent 4 days discovering a new place; Kersal Dale,  exploring it, conserving it and sharing our experiences with others. We are going to be  Outdoor Champions for our school. We will be working with Mrs. Toher, who is our Forest School Leader, all the other teachers and children encouraging  learning outdoors.
After our assembly, some of our parents stayed for our 'Stay and Play' session. Paul, our John Muir Award leader taught us our play rope games. Our parents joined in with us. 

Rope Games

John Muir Award

Year 4 Advent Assembly

Some of us took part in the Year 4 Advent Assembly.


 We are Coders!

In ICT, we have learnt how to code. We used Minecraft, Frozen and Star Wars to help us.

Coding means telling a computer what to do by giving it commands to which it responds. Computer programmers use a variety of ‘languages’ such as Java, C++ and Python to design, write and maintain computer programs. So why teach it to children?

‘We live in a digital age, and children need to understand how the devices they’re using work and how to control them,’ says Clare Sutcliffe, co-founder of Code Club.

Teaching coding puts children in control of the computer and lets them learn through experimentation, mastering concepts such as logic and consequences             



We are sandwich makers!


In our DT lessons, we designed and made healthy sandwiches. First, we researched healthy foods. Then we learnt about hygiene when handling foods. We also, discovered how to reduce waste food. Our favourite part was eating our sandwiches.


Look like an Egyptian!


When  we researched Egyptian jewellery, we discovered that amulets were incorporated into the designs. An amulet is a charm believed to protect the wearer or infuse them with power.  We  designed their own amulets, and included these in our jewellery designs. We then posed for the camera. What do you think? Would you wear these pieces of jewellery?





Spring Curriculum

Dragon Art in 4W with Paul