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Year 1

Year 1 

Mrs Clifford & Mrs Arnold

Year 1 Parents Meeting presentation

What a brilliant year we have had!

Party time!

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Party time!

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Y1A DT- Making a healthy snack

Forecasting the weather in the UK...

Our Wesak Lanterns!

KS1 Sports Day 2023!

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Egg and spoon race

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We love sports day! :-)

1A visit RHS Bridgewater!

1C visit RHS Bridgewater!

RHS Bridgewater

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Well done, Stanley, for winning the artist study homework competition!

Hands up if you enjoyed Culture Day!

How I Grow- Sunflower (from seed to a fully grown plant)

Practising our bat and ball skills in the sunshine!

Working together to label the different parts of a flowering plant...

Grouping flowering plants

1W working together to label the different parts of a flowering plant...

Dylan found a buttercup!

What a fantastic drawing of bluebells, Tayler! Well done.

Coronation Celebrations

Carriages for King Charles III

1CL spy wild plants...

Earth Day

Earth Day

What plants can we find around our school?


We started our new History topic this afternoon. First we talked about what technology is and then we looked at how communication has changed over time. We enjoyed learning about the different ways people used to communicate, prior to the technology we have today. Can you tell your grown-up about a carrier pigeon and a smoke signal?

Communication- past and present

Palm Sunday

Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday....

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Wow- thank you Y1!

Almsgiving- thank you for your kind donations Y1!


Thank you letters to Father Alphonsus

Church Visit 15.03.23

This morning we enjoyed another lovely visit to church, where Father Alphonsus kindly talked to us about receiving Holy Communion. We saw a chalice, a ciborium and some of us even held the host!

Father Alphonsus showed us the vestments that he wears at different times during the liturgical year. We were keen to see the purple vestment, which would be worn now, during the time of Lent- Father Alphonsus told us that purple represents hope and joy.

Thank you Father Alphonsus- we love our church visits and always learn so much from you!


Year 1 enjoyed our ‘Respond’ lesson today, which marked the end of our ‘Meals’ unit of work. We shared some quiet reflection together, reflecting on our own experiences of special meals and The Story of the Last Supper- the special meal that Jesus shared with his disciples. We each created our own message for God through pictures and/or words. We then wrote our own menu card, which included what we believe makes shared meal times happy times.


Take a look at some of our thoughtful responses below.

What makes shared meal times happy?

Collective Worship

Year 5 led a wonderful collective worship today in both Year 1 classes, reminding us that we must take care with our words.

Collective Worship

Candle Prayer

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Our classroom door has had a makeover!

Brilliant reading girls!

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Story time in the library on World Book Day. You all looked great!

Well done to 1CL's mask winner, Koby! Enjoy your new book.

Y1CL visit Clitheroe Castle

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Clitheroe Castle

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Clitheroe Castle

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Working together to make a Motte and Bailey Castle

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Knights in training!

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1CL go to Clitheroe Castle!

Throwing, Catching and Aiming

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Throwing, Catching and Aiming

Warm up- stretched shapes

The Morning Rush by John Foster. Well done Y1- you were brilliant! 👏👏👏

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100% attendance raffle ticket winner- well done Nathan!

Number bonds to 10

History- Exploring photographs of artefacts

Music- Following a beat

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Games- Floor Target

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PE- throwing, catching and aiming games

Religion 10.01.23

We had lots of fun re-creating a mini-Mass in our classroom this afternoon. Everyone had a different role e.g. priest, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Minister, collectors and greeters. Great job Year 1! 

Music 09.01.23

Year 1CL loved their first music lesson of the year with Mr Morris! 

Super singing Y1CL!

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Religion 09.01.23

In Religion this week we are learning about the different jobs people have at church. This afternoon we sorted job roles that would and would not be found within a church and then we talked about some of the different job roles at Sunday Mass e.g. Priest, Altar Servers, collectors, greeters, readers and the Eucharistic Minister. Tomorrow we are going to recreate a mini-Mass in our classroom! 

Well done!

A huge well done to Dylan for receiving the Head Teacher’s Award for all his hard work this term.

I am delighted for Faith, who won a hamper of goodies, after her advent token was picked out of our advent token pot, by Mr Deane. Well done for showing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit during Advent, Faith. 

Attendance Prizes

Well done to all the children in Year 1 who received a selection box and certificate for 100% attendance during the Autumn term.

Christmas Party Fun! 20.12.22

Design Technology

What fun we had designing and making our own Christmas cards, using a lever or slider mechanism. You did a great job Year 1!

Year 1 Christmas Nativity 13.12.22

We absolutely loved welcoming our parents/carers into school to watch our special Nativity.

I am sure you’ll agree that the children were little superstars!


A special mention to Lucas and Phamela, who only stepped into their roles this morning, to cover for absent pupils. Lucas made a wonderful Joseph and Phamela delivered her lines as a narrator with such confidence. Well done!


Thank you to all our families who joined us for our Christmas stay and play afterwards.

We hope you enjoyed it!


History - Mary Seacole - 1Co

We have been learning about Mary Seacole and how she set up her own hospital in the Crimea war. She looked after many ill soldiers and treated people with diseases in the hospital. We also had a go at crushing some ginger with a pestle and mortar and re in-acting racism scenes linked to Mary Seacole's experience of the Crimea War.


RE - Waiting 

Over the last few weeks we have been exploring waiting in RE. We have been discussing the importance of waiting during Advent and the items which help us wait, for example the advent wreath, the advent calendar and candle.We have also been working hard to demonstrate the Fruits of the Holy Spirit during Advent to earn a Advent token.

Mathematics Challenges - Autumn term

We have been developing our fluency a of number and place value, specifically numbers 1-100 in lots of different contexts over the Autumn term.


Christmas Dinner 8.12.22


Kindness Advent Calendar :-)

Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime 6.12.22

Geography 01.12.22

In groups we worked together to name and locate the seven continents and five oceans. We looked carefully at the shape of each continent and used an atlas/globe to help us identify its name and position. Great work Y1CL! 

Our trip to St Thomas of Canterbury church 28.11.22

Today, Year 1 visited St Thomas of Canterbury church and met Father Alphonsus. We learnt lots about baptism and saw the Baptismal font and holy water.​​​​​​ We hope we can visit again soon!