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Physical Education at St Thomas of Canterbury


Here at St Thomas of Canterbury we understand that children should experience a breadth of experiences, inside and outside the classroom. PE & Sports are an integral part of every child’s education and development; this supports physical, social and mental wellbeing and provides them with transferable life skills for the future. All children are expected to become increasingly reflective and able to evaluate their own and others performance in PE.  At our school, we aim to be inclusive to all, and be flexible to meet the specific needs of different groups of learners.  We aim to challenge all children appropriately through physical activity, and a long term plan.  We strive to make PE accessible to all learners, by addressing barriers to learning and providing strategies for them to overcome and succeed in school.

At St Thomas of Canterbury, we aim to allow children to undertake different roles in PE, involving them in decision making to encourage productive thought and leadership. The National Curriculum programme of study states that schools should provide children with the opportunity to become physically confident, though a broad and balanced curriculum. At our school, we aim to not only challenge our pupils physically, but to also to develop critical thinkers & socially confident participants through our whole school progression of skills. We also aim for our learners to adopt a positive learning approach, particularly in physical activity where we acknowledge that some children may not feel they are ‘good at sport’. At our school, we aim to promote personal challenge first and foremost by equipping our learners with the tools to have a healthy mind-set and the right attitudes to succeed. We also encourage all children including our most able to participate in inter and intra competitions to positively challenge their physical abilities.

Long Term Plan

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Physical Education Gallery


KS1 - Sending and Receiving

KS1 - Ball Control and Dribbling

KS1 - Throwing and Catching

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KS2 - Importance of warm up and cool down

KS2 - Invasion Game - Tactical Movement

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KS2 - Invasion Game Ball Control

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KS2 - Bridges

KS2 - Leap

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KS2 - Handstand

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KS2 - Forward roll into straddle

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Extra Curricular 

Year 4 Fitness Club

Year 5/6 Dance Workshop