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Year 2 Riley

Welcome to Year 2R!


The children made a wonderful start to their time in Year 2.

We focused on building independence and taking on more responsibility. The children have really stepped up to the new challenges that they are faced with.


We started the term by learning about the power of our brains. We looked at how, when we learn something new, our brains build connections and become stronger. The children explored their own mind-sets and are continuing to develop an understanding of how a positive attitude towards learning, and a belief that you can achieve,  helps us to be more successful. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been looking more closely at the learning powers 'concentration' and 'don't give up'. The children are developing their ability to focus on one thing at a time, to manage their distractions and they have strategies for  tackling challenges and difficulties.


Year 2 Christmas Assembly

This is "Year 2 Christmas Assembly" by St Thomas of Canterbury on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

What a wonderful Science day it was!


Last Tuesday, we had visitors in school, teaching the children about forces. There were many opportunities to explore, investigate, build, test and experiment. The children worked extremely well as mixed year groups and created a number of moving vehicles! Have a look at our pictures and ask the children about their day. I am certain they will be ready to share everything they have experienced and this will support them in writing a recount of their day.

Learning About Forces

Investigating, Building and Testing Rockets

Exploring Power (Wind and Electricity) and Building and Testing Cars

Last week, the children had a wonderful time at the climbing centre. They were confident and careful climbers who enjoyed the challenge. Some have found a new love of climbing! Check out our pictures!


In maths, the children have been learning about numbers to 100. They have been exploring  and comparing the value and size of the numbers through using models and images. We have been reading and writing number words and numerals too and matching these to their representations. The children are developing their ability to reason and problem solve throughout their learning journey. Soon, the children will be ordering and comparing numbers further by using the less than, more than and equal to symbols. They will also be estimating and rounding numbers to the nearest 10.


Each week, the children should be practising their multiplication and division facts. We have began to, and will continue to, explore the conceptual understanding of multiplication and division. The children then need to practise the facts that they are working on to develop fluency and the ability to quickly recall them. 



We have started the year with a focus on letter formation and the composition of simple and compound sentences.

     The children in year 2 write extended pieces of writing. Therefore, it's important that the muscles in their hands are strengthened to ensure that they can not only form their letters correctly but also have the stamina to complete their piece.

     All the children can compose effective simple sentences, which begin with a capital letter, end with a full stop, uses finger spaces between words and that make sense. The expectation is that this continues into every piece of writing that the children complete. Some children are now writing in compound sentences too, where they are joining two simple sentences together using a conjunction. These children are now considering the effect and impact these two types of sentences can have on the reader and they are choosing which to use based on the effect they are wanting to achieve.

     We have been sequencing and retelling the story of 'Whiffy Wilson, the wolf who wouldn't wash' and the children are beginning to innovate parts of the text. Keep a look out for some super pieces of work being displayed on this page!



Reading unlocks the door into writing. Therefore it is an essential part of our every day.


  • The children explore and discuss texts, each day, during our book talk sessions.
  • During our phonics sessions, they learn to read sounds and common exception words
  • They develop their reading skills through daily guided reading sessions where they either learn a new skill or apply skills through journal activities.
  • Each week, we visit our school library and the children are able to choose an age appropriate book to read and enjoy the comforts that our school library brings.
  • At the end of school day, the children thoroughly enjoy becoming lost in our class read. We are currently reading, Mr Gum by Andy Stanton.

The children really enjoy his humour!

  • Each night, children take home their reading books and are expected to read them. These are changed daily.
  • Each half-term, the children take home a challenge book to read at their leisure and complete a book review. They are challenged to read at least six across their time in Year 2.

History: The Great Fire of London

We have been learning about The Great Fire of London. I have been so impressed by the knowledge that the children have gained through their summer homework. They have come back into school full of interesting facts to share. The houses that have been made are accurate and look wonderful, displayed, standing next to each other. keep an eye out, on here, for some pictures and examples of the learning that has taken place! The role play area, in our classroom is of a bakery, Pudding Lane, where the fire is thought to have begun. The children will explore the roles and also complete challenges whilst in the area.

Long Term Plan