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Year 4 Platt

Welcome to 4P's page!

Miss Platt, Mrs Capper,  Miss Higson/Miss Carroll and Miss Ahmed will be keeping you updated with all of our learning in Year 4.


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Art and Design


This last half term we have been designing our very own dragon eyes inspired by our recent class novel 'How To Train Your Dragon'. We researched and then sketched our designs before creating them out of clay, using new clay skills such as; scoring and using a slip. After half term, we will be finishing them off by adding some acrylic paint. Keep an eye out for out finished designs!

Summer 1 Art Project - Dragon Eyes

Science Summer 1 - Teeth

Tennis competition - All Hallows (3/4/19)

Well done to the children who went to All Hallows in our last week of term. Four children from 4P entered a tennis competition and came 2nd! Mrs Capper said the children showed fantastic sportsmanship and they have developed some fantastic tennis skills. We may have the future Andy Murray or Serena Williams on our hands!

Spring Term - Design and Technology


This half term, in Design and Technology, we have combined our science topic with DT (STEM) and have researched, designed and built  a working torch. See pictures below; showing us building our torches, making a complete circuit (with a push switch) and testing them in a dark room. The children showed perseverance and secure knowledge of circuits to overcome any difficulties. 

World Book Day


What an effort all of the children in school made! Here are some of 4P's entries. 

Art and design - Colour mixing

We are coming to the end of our colour mixing topic. This week, we have created our very own version of Paul Klee's 'The Rose Garden' and Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'. We had to use one base colour, and use black and white to create a monochromatic colour scheme to create tints and shades to replicate the colours used.


Keep an eye out on the gallery page for our finished masterpieces. 


This week we visited Fiddler's Ferry power station. This was linked to our current science topic - Electricity. The children learnt all about the process of how we make electricity, from burning the coal to how it reaches our houses. Watch out for our information pages that we will be creating next week, for more information.

Our class novel for the Spring term

So far, the children have encountered the main character Hiccup, and the rest of the 'Hairy Hooligan' tribe. Being the Chief's son holds a lot of responsibility, and Hiccup is being to feel that, as his memoirs tell us. How will the novices of the tribe handle initiation and training to become the greatest dragon whispering, Viking hero that ever lived...



This half term in our music lessons we are learning about Samba music. The children have been introduced to a range of musical instruments that are used to create Samba music, and have even been learning how to play them.



During our final week of half term, we had a DT week. Based on our history topic, the Ancient Egyptians, the children were given a design brief...



4P had to research and find original designs to base their product  on, and then create their final design. Take a look at our completed jars and see if you think we met our brief!


The Canopic jars were created using the paper mache method, and the organs were created using a mixture news and tissue paper. The children then completed their designs by creatively painting them.


Would you have liked to keep your organs in our jars?



In P.S.H.E we have been discussing people's feelings and how to infer, by looking at their body language, how they might be feeling, and what we could do to help. Take a look at the pictures below and try to work out what feelings the children in 4P are trying to show.



Today 4P had our forest school afternoon with Paul and Gerrard. The children used their knowledge of Egyptian mummies and had to compete to create the best one! Team 1 won!


The children then had to work in teams to make models out of clay and create a captivating story to showcase at the end. Finally, before we left the children were all able to roast a marshmallow on the fire, Team 1 got two for being the winning team!

Portals to the past - Egyptian workshop 1/10/18

During our Egyptian workshop we; explored the layout of Ancient Egypt and who ruled where. Then looked closely at artefacts, some of which were over 3,000 years old! After, we played an Egyptian children's game and became fact finders, answering a range of tricky comprehension questions. In the afternoon, we took part in mummifying a Pharaoh - how disgusting that was! We got to take out his organs, put them in Canopic jars, and then lay the mummy to rest in his very own Sarcophagus. (Which happened to be a little small). Finally, we used the Ancient Egyptian method of measurement - hands and fingers, to measure how tall we were, and even how tall out teachers were. Miss Platt is 2 hands taller than Mrs Capper.


Our class novel

Our class novel this half term is - 'The Time Travelling cat and the Egyptian Goddess'. We currently are following Topher and Ka's realtionship as they grow closer, and become more dependent on each other. Will they time travel back to Ancient Egypt?

In maths, we have been looking at 4 digit numbers and the place value of each digit.

This half term in P.E we are practicing our gymnastic skils, beginning with balancing.