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Reception Ward

Whilst school is closed, I will be updating the class page on a weekly basis with a weekly learning map and interactive activities. Please check back regularly for these updates. 


If you have any specific curriculum questions during this period, please does not hesitate to send an email to the following address:

I will be checking this email on a daily basis.


It would also be fantastic to hear all about your home learning experiences, so please also share any pictures or videos with me using the email address.


Many thanks

Miss Ward

Oxford Owl Free e-books

We know that you are all working very hard from home. Whilst school and libraries are closed, you might find that you are running out of things to read. The link below is to a website called 'Oxford Owl', if you sign up using an email address you can access lots of free e-books. Also click onto the 'English' page of the curriculum area for more links.

Forest School

In school, we have been working hard in our new Reception bubbles! At Forest School, we have been collecting natural resources to create mini-beast pictures, come and take a look.

Learning at home pictures

Week 14

This week's learning map is now available. Don't forget to send photographs of the learning experiences your child has completed. It would be lovely to share how you are getting on with one another. This gives the children an opportunity to see their friends.

Learning Map

"When I Grow Up"

favourite memories

all about me

Learning Map

Naughty Bus

Phonics - Red group

Phonics - Orange group


Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Can you sort the transport?

Sink Or Float



Learning Map

The Queen's Hat

Maths Challenge


Can you make a flag?

London Landmarks

EAD - Tea party

PE With Joe

Learning Map

Dear Zoo


Noah and the Flood

This animated bible story for kids is based on Genesis 6-9:17

KUW activity

KUW - Additional information

Animals who help us


Sorting activity

PE With Joe

Yoga Time! | Jungle Safari - Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes

Easy, fun yoga designed specially for toddlers with songs, nursery rhymes and simple stories. Copy me, sing along and have fun! In this video we explore the ...

Learning map

The Cautious Caterpillar

How A Caterpillar Becomes A Butterfly

Maths Challenge

Bug hunt

Mad About Minibeasts

Additional Texts - The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film


Language enrichment

Week 9 Home Learning Map

The Selfish Crocodile By Faustin Charles Illustrated By Michael Terry

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "...

Language enrichment picture-week 9

Week 8-working from home pictures

Language enrichment


Ascension colouring page


Stay active challenges

Week 7 Home Learning Pictures

Week 7

This weeks Home Learning Map is now available. Don't forget to send pictures to our class email so I can see how hard you have been working.


Home Learning Map- Week 7

The Gingerbread Man - Animated Fairy Tales for Children

Have a look at our 'Animated Fairy Tale' playlist Watch amazing Animated Fairy Tales...

Language Enrichment Picture

Gross Motor Bingo

Gingerbread Man Recipe

Pictures sent in from last week

Coronavirus story

At the moment we are all experiencing a very uncertain period of time whereby we are all unsure what is going to happen in the near future. Below is a link to a story which has been written specifically to explain the Coronavirus epidemic to younger children, and advise them on what they can do to help. Please remember that during this time, children could be confused and worried about the current situation, so this story may help them understand it a little better.




Please complete the daily calendar each morning, using the interactive videos below. As you work through each video discuss with your child the key questions in their home learning books. 


Ask your child:

  • What day is it today?
  • What day will it be tomorrow?
  • What month of the year is it?
  • What the weather is like today?
  • To draw a picture of what the weather is like today, you can use the symbols to help.
  • How will they need to dress today?
  • What season are we in?



Remind your child to scribe what the weather is like in their home leaning book each day.Also discuss the structure of your day and what that will involve. 

Pictures from last week!

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish Challenge


Maths Challenge


Can you go on a number hunt around our home or community ?

Yellow Phonics Group


Orange Phonics Group


Red Phonics Group

Language enrichment picture

Week 5

Below is the learning map for this week. There are lots of activities on the map that can be completed using the resources from the home learning pack and/or everyday objects from around the house

Home Learning Map

This week's literacy text has been uploaded in two parts

Language enrichment picture

Here is some more of your fantastic work!


A massive congratulations to all the Reception children that have joined in with our Easter Bonnet competition. The RW winner is Setareh. Take a look at all the wonderful entries below.

Hi Reception,


Hope you are all doing well. I’m so impressed to hear about all the wonderful work that you have been completing at home from your ‘Home Learning Maps’ during the last 3 weeks. Your grown-ups have been sending me pictures of your work and it is lovely to see all the great things you have been doing whilst staying safe at home.  We know that this is not easy for you but all your adults at St Thomas’ are incredibly proud of all of you and we are missing you lots!


Lots of Love

Miss Ward

Easter Bonnet

This would have been the stat of your Easter holidays, so we will not be setting a home learning map. However, we would still like to keep you busy whilst having fun. Over the holidays we are setting an Easter competition, we would like you to decorate an Easter Bonnet. You may want to design your bonnet first in your home learning book. Then, you can think about what materials you will use around your home to decorate your bonnet. Once you have designed and decorated your bonnet, email a photograph to no later than Friday 17th April. Mr Deane will choose the winning bonnet and a prize will be posted to them the following week!

Easter Bonnet Ideas

Holiday Diary

During the Easter break, we would also like you to draw a picture in your home learning book each day of how you are feeling and the things you have been doing/going to do that day. 

Hi Reception,


I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are staying safe. I am so impressed with the beautiful work you have been doing. Don't forget to send some pictures of what you are up to!


This weeks learning map is not available below.


Keep up the hard work!


Miss Ward :)

Home Learning Map


Red & Orange Phonics

Language enrichment


Talk to your child about what they can see and what is happening in the picture below. Encourage them to ask questions too.

Home Learning Map

Language Enrichment Picture

A huge thank you to all our parents and carers that are engaging with the activities and resources that we have prepared for your child during these uncertain times. Below are some examples of children working hard from home. If you have any pictures of your child using the activities from the 'Home Learning Maps' that you would like to share then please email them over using the class email address. If you have any curriculum questions then please contact us through the email address as well.



Below are some interactive 

phonics videos, your child will be familiar with these as they are used regularly in the classroom.

Please use these resources to help your child's early reading skills.


Ways to use these videos:

  • Encourage your child to join in with the familiar songs.
  • Pause the videos at different points and ask your child if they can think of an item with the same initial sound. 
  • Find an item around your home with the same sound. 


Please make use of the free subscription to the Phonics Play website whilst your child is learning from home.

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds | Oxford Owl

Learn how to pronounce all 44 phonics sounds, or phonemes, used in the English language with these helpful examples from Suzy Ditchburn and her daughter. Fin...



Please use the interactive videos below to help your child with their counting skills. 

The Big Numbers Song

Previous Home Learning Resources

Below are the resources from all the previous week's home learning packs. You are welcome to continue accessing these if you feel this would be useful.

Home Learning Map

Language Enrichment Picture

Home Learning Map

Little Red Riding Hood

Language Enrichment Picture

Welcome to Reception W

Miss Ward

Mrs Donley

Mrs Lee


Welcome to our Reception W class page. Come and take a look at all the wonderful things we have been learning about this year.

Well done to all the children for participating in another successful World Book Day. Let's continue to celebrate a love of books all year round!

We have been getting all green fingered in Reception! This week we have been planting sunflowers seeds to observe how they grow and change. We can’t wait to share with you the end results!


We have also been taking part in an investigation to see what happens to cress when grown with sunlight and water, no light and no water. All the children have been making their own predictions on what they think will happen.

We had a special delivery into the Early Year…eggs in an incubator. Farmer David has given us the important task of looking after the eggs and to our surprise they hatched whilst they were at school! This means that we’ve been able to look after these baby chicks. Take a look at the pictures below.

Pop Project has been back in school, this time their focus was Literature. The group took the children on a journey through time to look at some of the most timeless children's books that have been written and of course got the children involved in lots of singing and dancing! 

In preparation for the Christmas, we have been looking at what a birthday is and why we celebrate them. To start with the class prepared a birthday party for 'Sam the class bear', we made party hats, cake and decorations. Then the children joined in with party games. After this, we focused on the most important birth and also the true meaning of Christmas and learnt the story of the Nativity.

The children in the Early Years have had a very special visitor. Father Christmas has been to STOC! Come and look at the wonderful pictures below.


We have been busy bees in Reception this year. In Maths we have been focusing on our numbers!


Everyday we practise counting forwards and backwards and we would love to show you these counting skills at home! We start by counting to 12, then 15, on to 20 and then beyond this. Grown ups, we often find counting backwards trickier, so may need extra practise with this compared to counting forwards. 


In school we have been detectives finding numbers and representations of our numbers all around our environment. When you are out in your local community, see if your child can spot any numbers on house doors, street signs or in your local supermarket.


We have been working really hard regularly practising our number formation. Attached is a document below that shows our number formation guides. These are the posters that we use in school to help us remember how to form each number correctly. 

Our first topic in RE this year has been 'Family'. We have spent time sharing with each other who is part of our family. From this we realised that all families come in different shapes and sizes, but what matters is that all families are special! Not only are we part of the our families at home, but also part of the wider school family most importantly part of God's family. We created our class family tree that all the children have helped to create. 

We were very lucky to be able to invite the team from 'Pop Project' into school again this year. The three gentlemen that run the sessions bring the children together to think about happiness and well being. This is a very popular session and we all had a wonderful time singing and dancing together in the hall, whilst learning an important message about looking after our bodies and minds!

In Reception, we have been looking at the changes of season and thinking in particular about what happens during autumn. During our forest school visits, we have been looking at changes in the environment, we have also been learning about what different types of animals do during autumn to prepare for the cold of winter and have even made bird feeders which we hung up in our outdoor areas. During our literacy time, we have been learning an autumn poem called 'Oaty Porridge' and were reciting this in class. Inspired by this we have been making lots of delicious autumn foods such as oaty porridge and veggie soup!

The children in Reception W have had a fantastic start to the school year and have settled really well in their new class. Our first topic has been Local communities. In this topic we have been finding out about different places that are part of the local area and when people may need to visit them. Our class role play has therefore been a supermarket. We have had lots of fun acting out the roles of shop assistant and customer. Come and take a look at what we have been up to!