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Year 3 Clifford

Welcome to 3C!

Y3/4 common exception words


Below are the common exception words for the lower juniors. These are the words that children are expected to be able to read and spell by the end of Year 4. 

How many words can you read and spell already? 

WBD 7th March 2019

What a fantastic day we've had celebrating another World Book Day!


The day started with a parade in the hall, where we got to show off our fabulous costumes to the infants. It was a very tough decision, but the winning costume in 3C, for a second year running, was Edward (aka Einstein)! We hope you enjoy reading your new book: The Ice Monster, by David Walliams. 


To our surprise, when we returned from assembly, we had a visit from a wicked witch, who gave us all a bit of a fright! Some children were brave enough to take one of her apples!! 


We had an enjoyable afternoon, listening to stories told by Mrs Clifford and Miss Lavin. We also designed alternative front covers for our favourite books.


Some of us have our fingers crossed, hoping to win the book mark design competition. I'm sure Miss Higson will announce the winner very soon. Well done to all entries.      



In our new topic 'Rock Detectives', we have learnt all about the rock cycle, and have been comparing and grouping together different kinds of rocks, dependent on their appearance and physical properties.

The children enjoyed listening to this song to help them remember the three main types of rock - igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. See what you think?!


We did an investigation into how hard/soft various rocks are, whether or not they are permeable/impermeable and what they might be used for:-




Next, we will be looking at soils and fossils!  





The children created their own piece of music to go with their advertisement for a new chocolate bar - this linked in nicely with our class book, Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Children have been learning and putting into practice, musical terms such as: ostenato, forte, piano, pulse, rhythm, pitch and many more. Take a look at one of the group's compositions below!


We are currently looking at the different groups of instruments; using Harry Potter for inspiration! Children have even been having a go themselves - there are a lot of potential future musicians in 3C!












This is "IMG_5667" by St Thomas of Canterbury on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


The children really enjoyed finding out about The Ice Age over the Christmas holidays. Miss McDonagh, Miss Jordan and I were really impressed with the quality of work produced. Along with Y1 and Y2's projects, they are now on display on the corridor for the whole school to see. 


Well done :-) A huge thank you to parents for supporting your child with their homework. 


Take a look at some of 3C's fantastic creations below...


Our poem for the Spring term is 'The Door' by Miroslav Holub who was a Czech writer. Many pupils have already learnt the poem off by heart and have clearly and confidently recited it to the rest of the class- Chukwuma, Edward and Favour M,  just to name a few!  

The door

Go and open the door.

Maybe outside there's

a tree, or a wood,

a garden,

or a magic city.


Go and open the door.

Maybe a dog's rummaging.

Maybe you'll see a face,

or an eye,

or the picture

of a picture.


Go and open the door.

If there's a fog

it will clear.


Go and open the door.

Even if there's only

the darkness ticking,

even if there's only

the hollow wind,

even if


is there,

go and open the door.


At least

there'll be

a draught.


By Miroslav Holub

Minerva Prize  

A huge well done to Y3's Minerva prize winner, Roksana. What a fantastic member of the class Roksana is, always putting 100% into everything she does. Keep up the hard work! :-) 




During the last week of term, we dedicated two whole days to study the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. 


We uncovered and discussed some of the most undecided arguments in history such as: ‘Why was Stonehenge actually built?’.

We found some interesting facts and evidence to support all of our ideas, but found it tricky to solve these historical mysteries.


We became historical investigators using a range of resources such as ipads, magnifying glasses and fact files, to discover all we could about these prehistoric times.


In groups, we enjoyed creating our own drama pieces as if we were from the Bronze and Iron Age and acted them out to the rest of the class for them to see what it was like at this time.


We noted connections, contrasts and trends over time from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age and discussed what the world would be like if the nomadic people hadn't discovered bronze or iron. We would still be using wooden spoons and we wouldn’t have our games consoles!!


Forest Schools 19.11.18

This afternoon we took part in a Forest Schools session with Paul, where we furthered our learning of The Stone Age to the Iron Age. What an enjoyable afternoon we had learning how to light a fire in the same way ancient man would have done! Some of us found it trickier than others but we supported each other well.

Paul also talked to us about pre Christian society/religion. 

Broughton Library 15.11.18

This afternoon 3C visited Broughton library. We enjoyed learning about the organisation of the books in the children's section and couldn't believe how many excellent books there were. After choosing our books, we read them quietly before our walk back to school. I think many of us will be back with our parents soon. 


Polite reminder: please remember to return your books to Broughton library once you have read them smiley 

BEP Team Building Workshop 7.11.18

We had a fun morning with Jason from the (BEP) Salford Business Enterprise partnership learning about how to be a good team player. We played games and followed instructions well. 


In History, we have been learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We did some topic research over the holidays and produced some fantastic homework! (see pics below)


In class we have learnt many things. Did you know that people from the Stone Age were referred to as hunter-gatherers? We stepped into the life of Stone Age people trying hunting and gathering for ourselves and quickly discovered how difficult it must have been to hunt and kill animals to survive. We discovered our very own artefacts in class and tried to make predictions about what they would have been used for. Do you think you know what the artefacts below are?


Returning from the holidays we have begun to question whether Stone Age man was more than a simple hunter-gatherer as we have found evidence of cave art and artefacts that we think were used in ceremonies.


In PSHE we have been exploring ways in which we can make our classroom a safe and happy environment for us all to work in. Firstly, we devised a class contract. We had some fantastic ideas like; treating others how we would like to be treated, helping each other if we are finding work challenging and always setting a good example with a positive attitude to learning. We all signed this contract as a plea to make our classroom a better place to be!


We realised that our emotions have a lot to do with the way we learn and affect others around us and so we explored the range of emotions that we can feel in just one school day! As our emotions impact on the way we learn and also of others around us, we devised some helpful strategies to help us to deal with them to ensure that we are always in the green zone ready to learn. Did you know that a simple breathing technique can help you to focus? Try it!




In our topic, 'Animals including Humans', with the help of 'Skelly', we have identified the different bones in the body, and how muscles work in pairs. Following the animal workshop, we have been classifying vertebrates and understanding which animals fall into the vertebrate and invertebrate categories. We will continue to look at nutrition for animals (including humans), and why it is important to eat a balanced diet.





During Autumn 1, we have been composing our own piece of music, with a link to our class book, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Children have been working in groups, using musical terms like piano, forte and ostinato in order to create their mouth-watering melodies! 



In R.E we have been learning about our christian community. We had a very special visitor in Father David, who answered each of the children's prepared questions about his role in the parish. Questions ranged from, 'Why did you decide to become a priest?', to 'Do you have a car?!'

Poetry Recital 


Each term, we will be learning a different poem off by heart. So, by the end of the school year, we will know three poems.

Our poem for the Autumn term is 'Slowly' by James Reeves. Most of you can already confidently recite this poem, but keep on practicing to make sure it's fresh in your mind. 

Half Term Homework 



Miss McDonagh, Miss Jordan and I are so impressed with the effort many of you put into your Stone Age research project over the holidays. It is clear to see that you tried so hard to produce quality work, which you should be incredibly proud of. You will soon see some of your work on the display board outside our classroom. 


Thank you for all your hard work, 3C :-) 


Stone Age Research Project

Thursday 11th October

I'm sure you will all agree that 3C were fantastic presenting our Harvest assembly this morning. They delivered their lines clearly and confidently and I am very proud of each and every one of them. 

Following our assembly, parents joined us for some Harvest activities back in the classroom. Some of us also played times tables games with our grown-ups. We had lots of fun! 


It was lovely to see so many parents- thank you for coming :-) 

Stay and Play

'Classifying Animals' Workshop 3.10.18

The children had a wonderful afternoon learning about the classification of animals, which will be of great use when we begin this unit in science. They were given the chance to touch and hold arachnids, reptiles, myriapods and many more. Animals included snails, cockroaches, tarantulas, millipedes, tree frogs, snakes, chinchillas, rats and owls! We will be further-exploring vertebrates and invertebrates in lessons and this will prove invaluable, as the children will literally have come face to face with many of the animals we will be discussing!

Class Novel


Our novel for the Autumn term is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. During our English lessons, we have been focusing on using coordinating conjunctions (and, so, or, but, yet) and subordinating conjunctions (because, when, if, that, while)  to extend our sentences. 



In maths we have been learning about number and place value. We have done a lot of revision of Year 2 learning, consolidating our understanding of numbers up to 100. Some of us have now started to develop our understanding of numbers up to 1000. Like last year, we use lots of apparatus to support our understanding of number.