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Year 3 Lavin

Welcome to 3L!

Year 3/4 Common Exception Words

Animal Workshop - 25.02.19
Our topic for science this term is animals so on Monday we had an animal workshop where we got to look at lots of fascinating animals. We learnt lots of new facts about amphibians, mammals and birds. The amazing animals we got to see and touch included a tree frog, an 11 year old snake, a rat, a barn owl, a lizard, a gheko and a hedgehog called Sonic. What a fantastic afternoon we had! 

3L's Class Assembly - 25.01.19


3L 25.01.19.mp4

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The children really enjoyed finding out about The Ice Age over the Christmas holidays. Miss Smart and I were really impressed with the quality of work produced. Along with Y1 and Y2's projects, they are now on display on the corridor for the whole school to see. 


Well done :-) A huge thank you to parents for supporting your child with their homework. 


Take a look at some of 3L's fantastic creations below...

Our poem for the Spring term is 'The Door' by Miroslav Holub who was a Czech writer. Many pupils have already learnt the poem off by heart and have clearly and confidently recited it to the rest of the class.

The door 

Go and open the door. 

Maybe outside there's 

a tree, or a wood, 

a garden, 

or a magic city.


Go and open the door. 

Maybe a dog's rummaging. 

Maybe you'll see a face, 

or an eye, 

or the picture 

of a picture.


Go and open the door. 

If there's a fog 

it will clear. 


Go and open the door. 

Even if there's only 

the darkness ticking, 

even if there's only 

the hollow wind, 

even if 


is there, 

go and open the door. 


At least 

there'll be 

a draught. 


By Miroslav Holub

Book Talk

Our novel for the Spring term is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We will use this book in our English lessons to write about many different things. We have just wrote a diary entry as if we were Mr Dursley, focussing on all the strange things that happened on what should have been a normal day at work! In English, our main focus has been continuing to use a range of coordinating (and, but, so, or, yet) and subordinating conjunctions (when, if, that, because) to expand our sentences. We are also making sure we include expanded noun phrases (e.g. the violet cloaks) and exclamation sentences (e.g. What a strange day it has been!) to make our work more interesting.


In maths, we have been looking at number and place value. We have focused on revising Year Two learning, making sure we understand numbers to 100. Now we have moved on to Year Three number and place value, developing our understanding of numbers to 1000. We have been using a lot of apparatus to help us with our understanding of number.


In science, our topic this term is 'Rocks, Fossils and Soils'. We have just learnt about the rock cycle and the 3 natural types of rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. Next, we will investigate different types of rock by making observations about their appearance and their properties, before we move on to looking at fossils and soils.


Here is a list of key words that we need to know for our rocks topic:


Key Vocabulary




A material that allows liquid or gas to pass through it.


A material that does not allow liquid or gas to pass through it.


Take in or soak up liquid or other substance or energy.


Wear away or change the appearance of something by long exposure to the atmosphere.


The gradual destruction of something by wind water or other natural agents.


The way something feels when you touch it e.g. rough, smooth.


Solid material that settles at the bottom of liquid.


To press something so it becomes more solid.