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Year 1 Carlton

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to 1C


Teacher: Miss Carlton

Teaching Assistants: Miss Carmichael and Mrs Cahill















In music we have been composing and preforming our own pieces! They have been inspired by space. We have worked very hard as a team to read the music and learn to play the percussion instruments. 






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Easter Bonnet Madness!


Thank you to all the parents who helped their child with their Easter bonnet! The children had a great time at the parade.

Enrichment Day


All the children in Years 1,2 and 3 took part in a team building day. The children were split in to 6 new classes and they took part in different activities throughout the morning. The activities included:

A blindfolded obstacle course

Building a tower out of only spaghetti and marshmallows

Saving an egg being dropped from a height using only straws and tape

A murder mystery


Great fun was had by all and we all tried very hard to work as a team!

Healthy Eating

We had lots of fun learning with the school nurses today. We learnt about different fruits and vegetables. We also got the chance to make our own fruit kebab! YUM!!!!!

The farm comes to STOC!

Jodrell Bank


Year 1 had a great time at Jodrell Bank. We were lucky enough to take part in two workshops 'A journey into space' and 'The Planetarium'.


The Three Little Pigs

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We had such a fun drama lesson on Friday to finish off our 'Traditional Tales' topic! The classroom got very messy when the wolf blew the straw house down!!!!!!

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We have spent a week working on our new novel 'The Princess and the Pea'. So far, we have retold the story in a drama lesson, named our own princess and explained where she came from. As we are such great writers in Year 1C we have decided to change the ending of the story. We have decided that the Princess will not marry the Prince because she is going to go on an adventure of her own! Where that is...we will have to find out soon! 


In Spring 2, we will also be reading and basing our writing lessons around a very interesting book called 'The Pea and the Princess' by Mini Grey. This is a book all told by the pea's perspective and we are very excited to read it in class.

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We are thoroughly looking forward to our school trip at 'The Lighthouse', where we will be preforming our songs that we have learned from the Princess and the Pea.

Year 1 production part 1

This is "Year 1 production part 1" by St Thomas of Canterbury on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Year 1 production part 2

This is "Year 1 production part 2" by St Thomas of Canterbury on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

A visit from Paul Delaney


We were fortunate to have received a visit from a local poet, Paul Delaney. We had lots of fun listening to and learning some of his poems. After Paul left, we were so inspired by him in 1C so we made our own poems based on Paul's poem 'The Sock Monster'. Have a look at some of the poems displayed outside of the classroom. Don't forget to watch out for THE SOCK MONSTER!



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What a fantastic time we are having every Maths lesson. The children in Year 1C are amazing the teachers everyday with their dedication and perseverance towards the Year 1 Maths objectives. As we have spent Autumn 1 and 2 focusing on Place Value, most of us are ready to tackle Addition and Subtraction. I have no doubt with the 1C's positive attitude in their Maths lessons they will fully succeed! Have a look at some of the photos below to see what things we get up to in our Maths lessons.

The Year 1 Christmas Production

Watch our fantastic Christmas performance of 'Children of The World'! Well done to all the children in both Year 1 classes!

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In Year 1C we all made glitter poppies out of tissue paper. We then put them all together to make a wreath to remember the people who fought in the war. 


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As part of Black History Month, Year 1C learnt off by heart and preformed the poem 'Nature Trail' by Benjamin Zephaniah


Nature Trail - Poem by Benjamin Zephaniah


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At the bottom of my garden
There's a hedgehog and a frog
And a lot of creepy-crawlies
Living underneath a log,
There's a baby daddy long legs
And an easy-going snail
And a family of woodlice,
All are on my nature trail.

There are caterpillars waiting
For their time to come to fly,
There are worms turning the earth over
As ladybirds fly by,
Birds will visit, cats will visit
But they always chose their time
And I've even seen a fox visit 
This wild garden of mine.

Squirrels come to nick my nuts
And busy bees come buzzing
And when the night time comes
Sometimes some dragonflies come humming,
My garden mice are very shy
And I've seen bats that growl
And in my garden I have seen
A very wise old owl.

My garden is a lively place
There's always something happening,
There's this constant search for food
And then there's all that flowering,
When you have a garden
You will never be alone
And I believe we all deserve
A garden of our own. 


Benjamin Zephaniah