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Year 4 Williamson

Welcome to Year  4W's class page.

Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Hallen, Miss Carroll and Miss Dawson will keep you updated regularly.





We are thoroughly enjoying our first class novel in Year 4; The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess.  We have studied the characters of Topher and Ka in detail, skimming and scanning the text for  evidence of personality traits.   Who or what is Ka?




In Maths, we have improved our understanding of place value and number. We achieve this by  starting each learning journey with the concrete.

Hands on approach



In History, we are learning where Egypt is and what it is like. We went outside and drew an outline of Egypt. Then in teams we placed  towns, seas and famous monuments where we think they are. 


Portals to the past Egyptian Workshop

We dressed up as Egyptians and learnt so much through role play. We took care  handling real  artefacts. We learnt some disgusting facts about canopic jars, which were used to preserve organs during the mummification process.

Egyptian Workshop

Can you spot Cleopatra?

Class Assembly


Our class assembly took place on Friday 9th November. The theme was Remembrance Day. A big thank you to all our parents/carers and friends who managed to attend.

If you couldn't make it, here's the video. Enjoy! The children were brilliant. Thank you for helping them learn their parts.


Year 4W Remembrance Assembly

Stay and Play



Looking for some extra homework? Check out these online games to practise learned skills.


Don't forget your reading diary! There's  lots to do in there too!


Are you ready for a challenge?

You need to know all of your times tables up to 12x  (Challenge 4) by May 2019. Good Luck!

You can do this using a positive growth mindset.











Pen Licence

We have been learning the cursive script, since starting school in September. The programme has been completed. Congratulations to the children in the photograph. They are the first to receive a pen in Year 4W.   Keep up the good handwriting!

Forest School

It was our turn for Forest School this week, and what an amazing time we had.  Paul planned some activities based on what we have been learning in science;changing materials. We burnt cotton wool, used fire strikers to make a spark, and we changed diluted salt back to salt. We learnt that oxygen, heat and fuel are required to make a fire. If one of these is absent, the fire will go out.



Our DT brief was to design and make a canopic jar, with a removable lid. It had to be large enough to hold an internal organ, and we had to think carefully about the colours.  We worked well in our pairs. What do you think?


Learning at home


Here are some fantastic websites for the children to practise the skills they have been learning in school, at home! Especially their times table facts, preparing them for the test this year.


Times tables






Get ready for our next class novel!

and a trip to Fiddler's Ferry Power Station to learn about electricity.


During our dance lessons, we created a dance about escaping from a prisoner of war camp.

Escape from Prison 2 4W

This is "Escape from Prison 2 4W"

Escape fromPrison 34W

This is "Escape from Prison 3 by 4W"

Escape from Prison4W

This is "Escape from prison 4W"

Trip to Fiddler's Ferry Power Station

We had a fantastic time at Fiddler's Ferry Power Station, learning how electricity is made at the plant, and how it is transported to our homes. We made wind turbines and circuits. Throughout the day, we were set challenges. The trip ended with a guided coach tour of the station. 


We were set 3 challenges: light a bulb, make a motor work and a buzzer buzz.

Design and make a working torch

                                                    SUMMER TERM



We drew dragon eyes and made them out of clay. Look at how we've made the dragon's skin look realistic!