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Year 1 Miss McCann


Welcome to Year 1M!

A warm welcome to our special class page.

Keep visiting to find out what we have been up to!

We are doing an excellent job in our role as police officers. This week we decided to find out more about the history of the Police force. We were able to visit the Manchester Police Museum where we learnt all about police in the past, including Robert Peel who was the very first police officer.  We were very interested to look at how police uniforms and equipment have changed over time. We ended the day with a visit to an old courtroom where found out about suspects, witnesses and judges!
The life of a police officer is certainly a busy one! First we needed to investigate how safe the road outside our school was. We were interested to find out if it was a busy road or not, so we decided to observe the traffic and compare our results with two other roads nearby. As well as planning a route to each of our three observation points and recording a tally, we also created a pictogram showing the different vehicles on each road, and then a block graph showing the total number of vehicles on each road. Fortunately we discovered that Hadfield Street is a very quiet road. However we realised that even quiet roads get busy at times, and so we must always take great care to stay safe.

We have had an extremely exciting week in year 1M!  On Monday we were delighted to welcome two of our local Police Officers, who joined our class for the afternoon. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to learn more about the work of the police and how they keep our community safe. The Police officers seemed very impressed by our questions and how carefully we listened to their responses. We are now going to spend the next five weeks learning all about the work of the Police so that we can write our own information pages and even a Police recount. We have so much important work to do that we have had to build our own Year 1M Police Station! Drop by to have a look at us hard at work!


Please enjoy the photographs below showing our exciting afternoon with the Police!


Still image for this video

What a busy start to our Spring Term it has been! Soon after returning to school we discovered a mysterious egg in our classroom! We were excited, but a little nervous as we were unsure what creature might be growing inside!


Thankfully we discovered a letter explaining that the egg was from Hogwarts and had been sent by Harry Potter! We didn't have anytime to lose as Harry needed our help! We needed to carefully write instructions for how to make a dragon fruit salad and then carefully prepare the special dish. Harry had explained that it would be the perfect snack for the baby dragon growing inside the egg to eat after hatching and would give the baby enough energy to fly away to its family.


We worked hard to help and it was worth it! The dragon was born during the night last Thursday and by the time we got to school in the morning it had already flown away safely! Luckily it was spotted by our lovely cleaner and she even took some photographs to show us!

What a busy end to Our Autumn Term!


We were successful authors of exciting fantasy stories. We used our imaginations to write our own resolution and ending to the story of the Baboon who was stuck on the moon! Listen below to two fantastic authors from our class. Can you guess who they are? 


(The password for our videos is the name of our lovely school dog...Don't forget to start his name with a capital letter!)

Baboon on the Moon

Many of you were lucky to join us for our fantastic Christmas Show ‘Prickly Hay’. Our teachers and parents were so proud of our performance and we had such fun. We enjoyed telling everyone about the true meaning of Christmas.

Father Christmas must have heard about just how wonderful we have been this term as he dropped by to say a special hello and gave each of us a special Christmas treat!

As another special treat we all visited the Forum Theatre in Romiley where we enjoyed a fantastic performance of the pantomime ‘Aladdin’. It was wonderful for us to see a magical story brought to life on stage and we loved cheering on the good characters and booing the baddies!!! Miss McCann was so impressed by our behaviour on the trip that she can’t wait to take us out of school again!

We have kept ourselves so busy right up to the Christmas holiday and even managed to fit in to special DT days. We learnt all about making healthy food and how to design and make a healthy snack fit for an astronaut in training! We investigated the appearance, smell and taste of different fruits then though about what would work well together and taste delicious. We even drew different designs and combinations until we found the one which we thought would be the most popular for possible customers! We followed our design carefully when we made our very own fruit salads!

After such a busy week, we had just enough time left to have a special party. We shared party food, showed off our best dance moves and enjoyed lots of party games! We even made special Christmas decorations to raise funds for CAFOD.


Still image for this video

Well done children! You have had an amazing first term in Year 1 and I am extremely proud of you all. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your families and I look forward to hearing all your Christmas news in the New Year!

Autumn 2

Fun in our Space Station Role Play

Our new topic is Space! We have been chosen to train as astronauts in our amazing Space Training Centre. We have been practicing completing our flight checklists inside our rocket capsule. We have been measuring and weighing things to take on board. The station even has its own library where we can enjoy stories about space and use non-fiction books to find out interesting facts and information. If you visit we have special space photographs for sale and even a special 'Meet the Astronaut' experience!


Our first misson as trainee astronauts was to investigate and compare length. Now we are busy learning how to measure and record length and weight using cubes.


A mysterious video clip was sent to Year 1M last week! It showed a lonely baboon who is living on the moon. Everyday he gets up and does his important jobs on the moon. When his work is done he sits and looks at the earth. He cries because he is so lonely and far away.


We realised that the story of the baboon has an opening, a build up of events and a problem. What it doesn't have is a resolution and an ending! That is where we are going to come to the rescue! We will be writing the story of the baboon and as authors we will resolve his problems and find a way to bring this story to a happier ending.


Autumn 1

Autumn 1 was a busy time in Year 1. We learnt all about familiar places and in Literacy we were authors of our very own storybooks set in the park. Listen to one of our fantastic stories below...


(The password for our videos is the name of our school dog)


A Walk in the Park

Following our fantastic stories, we began to explore the changing seasons and how this is experienced by each of our senses. We looked at the powerful autumn poem written by Valerie Bloom and how she brought Autumn to life with her descriptive vocabulary. We were excited to write our very own Autumn poems and put them on display in the school hall!
We had lots of fun in Numeracy. Not only were we learning to count in groups of 2, 5 and 10 but we also loved exploring addition using our lovely maths resources.
In our geography work we need to learn all about our local area. First we talked about our routes to school and completed a survey to discover which was the most popular way of travelling. To find out more, we set off on a short walk to observe our local area. We drew pictures of buildings and made a list of things that we think improve our local area and things that spoil our local area. Watch the photos below to see what we found!
We were very lucky to have a special visit from an artist called Mrs B. She helped us to explore colour and shape and we made some bright and colourful masterpieces. We loved learning how to mix colours and change shades.