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We would like to welcome our family & friends to our class page where we will be sharing all the exciting things we have been learning in class.

Reception year is a busy one, filled to support your child in meeting their ELG (Early Learning Goals) in the17 areas of learning at the end of Reception.


Prime areas

Communication & Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development


Specific areas



Expressive Arts and Design

Understanding the World

Christmas Nativity

The children have been enjoying exploring their new classroom where they have been introduced to learning challenges. The children have been enjoying applying their learning from group time during independent play.



To get your child ready for writing in Reception, we have been focusing on developing their fine motor skills. You may have noticed us doing this as soon as we hang our coats up which is why it is crucial that everybody is in the line at 5 to 9. We don’t want to miss this important time of the day!


Our current topic this term is ‘Our community’. We have been learning about the different services & people who help us in our community. Our current focus is ASDA & the baby clinic where we have been learning about the different roles during group discussion. The children have particularly enjoyed being customers & store assistants in ASDA where they have been writing shopping lists, receipts & making labels for food in the shop.


All the children have made a speedy start to their phonics this term. We have also been enjoying applying our learning in our phonics challenge area, where we have been practising identifying sounds, as well as segmenting & blending through fun games.


In maths this term we are focusing on number. We are working on securing our knowledge of number during our daily maths sessions. We have also been taking on tricky number challenges in our classroom during continuous provision.

This term we have been improving our counting technique using ‘move it to prove it’ where we use our fingers to move the objects that we are counting. We have also been exploring the different things we can do with number including counting, grouping, ordering & comparing. We are also working hard to develop our mathematical language such as ‘more’ and ‘fewer’; we enjoy using mathematical language in our Numeracy area.


We are also keen to take our maths outside where we enjoy number hunts to 12; we look for different representations of our daily number and record our findings in our outdoor maths area.

This half term we are developing our knowledge of more & less with numbers. We have enjoyed playing the more or less game with numicon, where we have been pairing up with a friend to compare numbers up to 10.


We had to spot the number of the day that the Maths Fairy wanted us to find!

We Are Learning Superheroes!!

You may have heard your child talking about being a learning superhero in school, this is because we are focusing on having a “can do” growth mindset towards our learning. This means that your child will understand and know how to use the skills required being a successful learner. In Reception, we are learning about these mindsets though superheroes. Soon, we will also be providing you with the opportunity to share your child’s home learning with us. We can’t wait to hear about it!

Recently, we have been talking about the story of creation and how God made the world. We also talked about how it is extremely important for us, as God’s children to look after the creatures of the world. We know that it is important for us to care for animals, so we made bird feeders so that the birds have a tasty treat when they come to visit our school. We have also been thanking God for our harvest by making a prayer chain of all of our favourite food. We would like to thank our parents for the generous donations which will be donated to CAFOD.






Last week we talked about bonfire night and why we celebrate this exciting time of the year. The children learnt about the traditional things we do on the 5th November for example, they may go to the park to see the bonfire & the beautiful fireworks. We also talked about how it is very important that we keep safe on this night. We celebrated in school by making firework pictures & delicious chocolate apples.