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Our topic for the start of the summer term is Superheroes. We will be designing our own superhero characters including costumes, names and special powers.


We are encouraging our children to become more independant in their self-care. You can help at home by encouraging them to help with dressing, fastening shoes and putting on outdoor wear and wellies.

Welcome to Nursery T


Autumn 1


We have been very busy in Nursery; making new friends, meeting new teachers and finding out about our school. Our topic has been 'Nursery Rhymes' and we have made spiders webs for Incy Wincy Spider, learned some new songs including '5 Cheeky Monkeys' and 'Miss Polly had a dolly' and made egg sandwiches like poor old 'Humpty Dumpty'!


Songs and stories have helped us to settle into Nursery and learn all about routines, being kind to our friends and sharing our toys.

September 2013

Autumn 2


We are very lucky to have moved into our brand new nursery classroom. Everyone has rolled their sleeves up and helped to decorate the walls with lovely pictures and photographs to make it feel familiar. We have certainly put our stamp on the new place!


Our topic this term is 'Our World' and we have been looking at food. We made a Costa coffee shop in our role play area and dressed up as waiters and customers. Everyone enjoyed ordering toasties and hot chocolate on a cold winter day! The children decided that their favourite food was pizza and so we swapped our cafe to Italian Express so the children could share their experiences with each other. First we designed our own pizzas and then made them to take home and share - Gordon Ramsey watch out!


Our favourite story has been 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and we tried all of the foods that the caterpillar ate including watermelon, salami, chocolate cake and pickles! The hungry caterpillar has also really helped us with our numbers and counting from zero to ten and then back again.


We are also looking at transport and the different vehicles that we see all around us, including cars, bikes, buses, tractors, trains, boats and aeroplanes. One of our favourite songs is 'The wheels on the bus' and we have changed the vehicles and actions to make our  very own version.


Our messy play will include a car wash, making our own vehicles from recycled materials and pattern making with paints and playdough using tyre and track marks. We love playing outside and enjoy making buses, fire-engines and trains that we can use for role-play!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle mp4 SaveYouTube com

Uploaded by Ma Eugenia Goikoetxea on 2011-04-14.

Jingle Bells!


We will celebrate advent and the lead up to Christmas with lots of traditional Christmas songs, carols and stories. We will be learning all about the Nativity and will even be doing a special performance for our families to watch!


Expect lots of Christmas crafts and cards throughout the festive season. We are really excited about our school trip to see 'Charlie & Lola' at the theatre. Who knows what other Christmas treats are in store?





For the last two weeks of term, the children in Nursery have been busy learning all about Christmas. We have read the Nativity story and thought about how we prepare to remember the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. Our classroom was transformed into a winter wonderland with snowmen, icicles and a Santa's workshop!


We have also been very busy little elves, making and creating lots of wonderful Christmas crafts to take home at Christmas and share with our families.


On Wednesday 18th December, the children performed their Christmas show for the parents, with singing, the Nativity story and wonderful dancing. We hope the parents enjoyed the show. If you have any fantastic pictures, please share them with the teachers.


Here are a few of our photographs from the last two weeks of term...

Learning & Development in Nursery


These information pages show you the expectations of children of Nursery age in each of the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Curriculum. Please have a look and use some of the objectives to support your child's learning at home. Remember, learning at this age should be play based and fun.

Spring 1


After a lovely Christmas break, Nursery T started the new year learning all about clothes. We talked about the types of clothes we could wear for different occassions, such as school, birthday parties, a trip to the seaside, and playing different sports. We also looked at the special clothes worn by people who help us such as nurses, firefighters, police officers, soldiers, and the lollypop people who help us cross the road.


Our role play area was set up as a clothes shop and we had great fun trying on different outfits, wrapping up peoples purchases, ordering new stock and taking payments from our customers.


As usual, Nursery T like to enjoy ourselves with a few songs and our favourite was definately 'Down in the jungle'. We even changed the words and wrote a new song to include all of our favourite animals including a lion, a spider, a cat, a dog and a kangeroo!


Down In The Jungle

Our nursery class love to talk about home and lots of the children told us that our mums and dads look after them by washing and ironing their clothes, getting their uniform ready and making sure they they were warm and smart.


The children really wanted to help with the clothes we had at school and so we set up a laundrette where the children could wash the clothes, peg them on the line and let them dry in the wind. They discussed who the clothes were for, whether they were big or small and the type of weather that would be best to wash and dry clothes.


Next time you do your laundry, ask your child to help you hang them on the line!  You can count the clothes as you hang them out, count the pegs together, match up socks and find out who has the heaviest laundry basket. This will really help with the children's number work.

At the laundrette

We love to design and make things in our nursery and so the children decided that they wanted to make their own clothes. We have some budding fashion designers in our class so watch out Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior and check out our handmade t-shirts and hats! We finshed our week with a catwalk fashion show and the paparrazzi were everywhere!

Weather was our next topic and we had great fun investigating. Thankfully, we managed to see almost every type of weather including rain (lots if this!), wind, hail, fog, sunshine (not so much of this!) and even a rainbow! We loved splashing about in puddles, creating rainbows with paint, catching the frozen hailstones in jam jars and decorating rainmakers.


We painted umbrellas and later warmed up with hot chocolate and cookies whilst reading lots of stories. We made vegetable soup and talked about the types of food we like to eat to warm us up as well as food we enjoyed on hot, summer days. We learned about the types of clothes we would wear on hot, sunny days and freezing, winter days and dressed up in these.


We can now pretend to be weather reporters and tell the class what type of weather we have each day and how best the dress for it. We have a song for practically every type of weather and our favourites include 'The sun has got his hat on', 'I can sing a rainbow', 'I hear thunder' and 'Here we go round the mulberry bush'.


When the weather reports disappointed us all and said no snow, we decided to bring the snow to Salford!


Kipper the Dog - Snowy Day

We loved watching Kipper and giving a running commentary on what Kipper should wear, eat and play in the snow. Play this short clip at home and let the children tell you exactly what Kipper should do!




We started the spring term looking at toys, something we were all familiar with! We enjoyed reading stories about toys, especially Dogger (Shirley Hughes), Threadbear (Mike Inkpen) and Where's My Teddy (Jez Alborough). These stories not only develop the childrens interest in language and books, but also includes some mathematical language.  The children would love to share these books at home with you.


Our roleplay area was inspired by 'Doc McStuffin' and the children had a great time repairing and fixing the broken toys in schools, applying bandages and getting the tool kits out!



Dear Zoo - by Rod Campbell (© Macmillan Children's Books)

I wrote to the Zoo to send me a pet...


The children loved our next topic and were keen to set up a vet's surgery, although they did practise a lot on each other! We learned about animals that we were familiar with such as dogs, cats and fishes as well as some more unusual pets including snakes, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. We were fantastic at coming up with ideas about what pets need, such as comfortable beds, food, water and toys to keep them happy.  We were able to match the animal to it's home and realised that some pets, like fish, might live in a pond or in a tank.


Our favourite experience was having Shane. our lovely school dog, in nursery. He came to visit for the morning and the children were thrilled to pet him, feed him and take him for a quick walk around the playground. This really helped some of the children who weren't very confident with dogs and the other children modelled how to behave around animals as well as really looking after their friends who were a little bit afraid - great team work! 

Shane's Visit

Walt Disney's Silly Symphony - Three Little Pigs

Houses & Homes

Leading up to Easter, we looked at the places where we live and this was linked to they types of homes that our pets need. We looked at unusual homes such as tree houses, tee-pees, mud huts, canal barges and log cabins. We talked about the types of objects that are in the different rooms in our own homes. We also investigated the types of houses that we all live in - flats, terraced homes, semi detached and bungalows. We loved learning the story of the 3 Little Pigs - the children took part in lots of drama sessions and can re-tell the story, playing all of the different characters.


The highlight of our term was the trip to Natures Den. The children were fantastic at identifying different types of houses during our coach journey. We had a wonderful morning at Worsley Woods and the weather was warm and dry. The children played hide & seek amongst the trees, identified different woodland animals and built dens for the creatures to live in. Our favourite part of the day was sitting around the camp fire, making toast and marshmallows - they were delicious as you can see from our photographs!

It's an absolute pleasure to see the children making friends, developing their skills and becoming more confident with each passing week.


I'm always interested to find out what activities the children enjoy doing with their families, their favourite games, books, toys etc. and any family celebrations that they attend in order for us to personalise their learning experiences. Please don't hesitate to keep us updated with stories and news from home!  


All of our children in Nursery love to build, create and use their imagination. I would be really grateful if you could donate any used yoghurt pots, cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes (no toilet ones-  thank you!), fabric, old greetings cards, wrapping paper etc. for us to use in modelling and craft work.


We'll keep this class page updated regularly with photos, video clips and work produced by the children. If there is anything that you would like to see included, please let me know!


Thank you for your continued support,


Mrs Toher and the Nursery staff