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 Staffing Structure 2019-2020



Year Group


Support Staff

Nursery C

Miss Cotton

Miss Harrison

Mrs Mesjasz

Mrs Oakes

Nursery P

Miss Partington 

Miss Clough

Miss Coffey

Miss Wright

Mrs Longshaw

Miss Cuffwright

Reception B

Miss Bates


Mrs McGrath

Mrs Ireland (Acorn)

Mrs Olisa

Reception W

Miss Ward

Mrs Donley

Mrs Lee 


Speech and Language Support in EYFS   Mrs Taylor HLTA

Year 1 S

Miss Sale 

Miss Harrison

Mrs Quinn

Miss Levinsohn

Miss Jedrach (1:1)

Miss Leigh (Acorn)


Year 1 C

Miss Carlton

Miss Cahill

Mrs Quinn

Miss Leigh (Acorn)

Year 2 L

Miss Lavin


Miss Clarke

Mrs Raftery

Year 2 S

Miss Stephens

Miss Flannigan

Miss Delaney

Miss Higson (Acorn)

Year 3 R

Miss Riley

Mrs Capper

Year 3 M


Miss McDonagh

Mrs Sutton

Mrs Bouster

Year 4 P

Miss Platt

Mrs Hallen

Year 4 W

Mrs Williamson

Assistant Head/SENCo

Miss Janiak

Miss Lyimo


Year 5 W

Mrs Williams

Miss Pirie

Miss Carter

Mrs Wilson

Year 5 R

Miss Robinson

Assistant SENCo

Mrs Lanahan HLTA

Mr Hunt

Miss Coffey

Year 6 S

Mr Stenton

Assistant Head

Miss Downie


Year 6 L Miss Lomas

Miss Kendall


Intervention TA   Miss Broadie
Teaching and Learning Lead

Mrs Abbott

Assistant Head

PPA Cover Teacher Miss Chronnell  

Mrs Kapsi


Speech and language

KS1 and KS2


Miss Levinsohn

Admin Team


Attendance and EWO


Mrs Ward, Miss Beale, Mrs Lomas.

Miss Savage

School Business Manager   Mrs Quigley
Site Manager   Mr Maya
School Cook   Miss M Higson
Kitchen Assistants  

Mrs Baxter

Mrs Birtles

Ms Davis

Mrs Elcock

Miss Hazel

Miss Salmon

Miss Palmer

Miss Wilson

Welfare Assistants  

Mrs Ashton

Mrs Booth

Ms Broadhurst

Miss J Carroll

Miss S Carroll

Miss Cooke

Miss Dawson

Mrs Dorani

Miss Fay

Mrs Gattens

Mrs Kenny

Mrs Mile

Mrs Musa

Ms Owens