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Year 5 Miss McMullan

Welcome to Year 5!

During Autumn 1 year 5 have had some wonderful learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. While learning about space we visited Jodrell Bank observatory and in school simulated the phases of the moon.

Intergalactic Travel Agent. Fun in our space themed role-play area

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We have started our new science topic "Gases all around us." This experiment was very reactive!!!

Year 5 BMX at the Manchester Velodrome

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Messages of friendship

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On Friday 29th November only 10 homework books were brought into school so I have extended the hand in date to Monday 2nd December. The homework for next week will be given on Monday but if you fancy a head start here is this weeks homework.

Spring Term Topic Rivers

During Spring 1 our topic was rivers and water ways. We use the story of the Wind in the willows as our inspiration. Mr Stenton organised a fantastic river field study for us to Ewood Bridge. We found the speed of the river and evaluated the erosion and deposition. Have a look and listen to the story on the BBC radio podcast.

Map of our river study


During Spring 2 we will study the Ancient Greeks. We will be writing our own myths and legends and learning about this exciting ancient civilisation and how this affects us today.

Interesting facts about the Ancient Greeks

World Book Day

Try page one of the mathematics. If you feel like challenging youself try the other two pages. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO PAGE ONE the rest are optional. A sentence must be written for each spelling.

Year 5 Blogging Topic

Miss McMullan had an Egg-ellent holiday!

posted: 14.20 28/04/2014 by Miss McMullan


I had a wonderful Easter holiday. I visited my parents in Ireland and ate lots and lots of Easter eggs. I went to Mass on Easter Sunday with my Dad and brother Michael.


How was your holiday year 5?

My Amazing Easter holiday

Posted on 28/04/2014 by Hosea Gebreselasie

When school finished for the Easter holiday, I rushed backed home and jumped on the couch and fell asleep my mum got angry because I didn’t take my shoes of.  After I woke up, I went straight to my room to go on the computer and then I fell asleep again.  The next day, I went to the park and played football with my sister she was terrible!  My sister tried roller-skating on grass (she’s so naive!) When it was the 26 of April, Junior and Natnal came to my house to celebrate my birthday. It was impeccable! I had tons of fun.

My Easter holiday

Posted on 28/04/2014 by Ellis Merrick

In my Easter holidays I stayed at my Uncle Paul’s house with my cousins. One day I went to Manchester Museum and on another I went to Mosi (Museum Of Science and Industry). I also had tons of chocolate eggs it was definitely an Egg-cellent Easter! J


My Holiday

Posted by Aaron Bardsley  14:27 28/04/14

I n my holiday I went to Wales with James. It was great. I won loads of toys and anuments on the arcade. Also i won a teddy. When Easter actually came on Sunday i ate all my Easter eggs and didn’t share one. James won a teddy (minion) that had a £10 on! then after 5days of fun and exciment we came home on the train.


14:23 28/4/2014   by Julia Dabal


During my holidays I......First my parent’s friend went on holiday and we had her dog Rambo for a week. Then I rang my bff to say happy Easter. A few munities later her parents texted my mum and asked if I want to go to their caravan with the and my parents said yes. On Monday my cousin came and on Tuesday I went to the caravan for 4nights and 5 days. It was amazing we went swimming every day and she got a new puppy called sonny and we spent a lot of time with it. My mum gave my 20 pound for the arcade and every day we went to the club to do games. One night a singer came another a magician came and my friend came on stage and won a balloon rabbit. Days flew way fast and by the end it was time to go home and in the car the puppy was crying but sounded like laughing it was hilarious. At last I was at home the dog was jumping all over me it was fantastic. The caravan was great and I met some new friend.

What I did in the Easter holidays

Posted on 28/04/14 by Natnael Gerezgher.


In the holidays I went to London for 4 days to see my family and the city. The worst part was when I had to drive all the way to London by car. It took 6 hours to get there. When we got there we had a rest but my dad wasn’t tired.  While I was in London I went around London to see what it looked like. To be fair it wasn’t that exciting.    

My Easter At Home

Posted on 28th April 2014 by Glory Okundaye


My Easter holiday I watched TV and used the iPad. Other than that I went to my friend’s house and we went Heaton Park. That was amazing because we got to play in the slot machine, altogether we spent £20!

                                             My Easter holidays

Posted on: 28/4/14      by Daniel Okungbowa

I spent my Easter holidays at my house or that how it started anyway I was at home when all of sudden my mum beckoned me in for tea that when the real adventure started my mum told me that she had a surprise for me when I asked for it she told me that I was going with her to Spain because a new attraction was opened when we went to it my brother went to the small attractions but not me I went with my brother to the big attractions after all I met my Granma and grandpa and all the others members of the family

My Easter holiday

Posted on 28/04/2014 by Mateusz Kaczmarek

I spent Easter at home with my family and we coloured eggs. I also ate chocolate eggs. I ate the eggs because my mum beckoned me in from inside. My brother and I ate the big egg. We also ate small eggs. I ate the most of the eggs.

My egg-citing Easter holiday

Posted by Natnal Zekarias at 14:21 28/04/2014

I went to church over holy week and after I would go to the Trafford Centre and play in the arcade arena. Also I went to my friend’s house and played loads of games. Last week, I played at Malakai’s garden with Malakai, Natnael, Keanan, Eyob, and Binyam my next-door neighbour. We played football nearly all afternoon. I also went to Argos and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.And that’s what happened in my holiday.


Posted by Malakai Vuni14:25 28/04/2014

 In my holiday I had an egg-citing time first of all let’s start with the cinemas I watched Rio 2 in 3D IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!! BEFORE I went to the cinemas we got something to eat at harvester I had a massive grilled burger, chips, ribs, cucumber and some carrot sticks when we finished we went to the cash point to get some money then we went to the cinemas but are movie didn’t start yet so we played on the arcade we played car games and zombie games finally the movie starting we got pop large pop corn and small pop corn and got some drinks the movie it finished it was awesome after that we went back home then I played with my cousins sooner or later we went to MacDonald’s but because I already ate  I only got a happy meal then I went to my dad’s house and we skimming stones my dad was the best the next day I went to have a football match with my football team Barr hill  we got beat 2-1.


Posted 28/04/2014 By: Gumcy

Easter! I had an egg billiantai Easter and i also saw minion in Blackpool, actually they were fun i have photo’s of them giving me a gleaming present I was so happy on easter, Im sure lots of others were too. And also we had a big Food fight, and guess what, you got it right i lost and the king of Food won by eating all the pies in a pie contest. Plus i went to an arcade with my cousin Real and he played bumpy cars with me and I smashed myself likely crashing on the Highway and Unfortunently We only been there for 2 hours and went back to celebrate his birthday at home and he turned 10, finally and unfortunately we had to go kfc and go home.

How was your Easter by Gumcy



                                                                                                                              ON MY EASTER HOLADAY I WENT TO WHALES WITH AARON.WE WENT TO THE ARCADE EVERY DAY AND WON LOTS OF MONEY. ON EASTER SUNDAY THERE WAS AN EASTER EGG HUNT ON THE CARAVAN SITE,ME AND AARON WENT TO IT AND GOT LOTS OF EASTER EGGS.AFTER THAT,I WENT ON THE TEDDY GRABBERS AT THE ARCADE AND WON A MINION TEDDY  FROM DISPICABLE ME 2,AND THEN WON £20.00 ON THE GAMBLING MATINES ONLY SPENDING £ 2.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

My Awesome Easter Holidays!

Posted:14:30/2:30pm 28.04.2014 By Junior Rado


I spent my Easter Holiday with a birthday party all the way at burning ham where my mum’s best friend party started a lot of people went to the party. Her kids celebrated her party as well as her husband and other people I don’t actually know. It was astonishing party! After a few day later, Easter actually started and my mum had a trick up her untrusted sleeve. She wanted to prank me and give me one tiny Easter bunny for Easter but suddenly she gave me a whole basket of Easter chocolates which was: chocolate eggs, Mini chocolate eggs, Mini Easter bunnies, Easter bunnies and many others. Before I thought the week could get any better my other related friend gave me a Easter egg and my sister gave me an Easter egg and so many things happened that week. However My friend that lived at burning ham and his mums birthday party happened a few day ago came for a sleep over but unfortunately they had to go early because their mum felt ill. A few days later Hosea’s birthday party was coming up and I wasn’t prepared till the day his birthday started so I was panicking but luckily my mum gave him £10 which Hosea was pleased to get. Before I knew it Hoseas party ended and Hoseas dad offered me to stay longer so I did. Moments later it was night and I wanted to stay more so I texted my mum to stay and i did. That’s my Awesome Easter Holiday

The Best Easter Ever!!! 

Posted on 18/4/14 by Megan Hunter

 My Easter holidays were awesome. On Good Friday I went to Heaton Park to go to the fair. I went there with my mum, dad and my baby brother. First, I went on a car ride it looked like a baby ride but it was not it was rapid. Next I went on the sizzler it was so cool. My mum and brother went on the gold mine roller coaster my brother was not scared but my mum was! Last but not least, I went on the run away train it was awesome. So that was my Easter holidays what did you do for yours? Catch you later tune in next time.

Now that’s what I call an awesome holiday

Posted on 28/04/14 by Nimi Owoyemi

My Easter holiday was an absolute blast and I will tell you why? Make sure you listen because you could get really good tips of how you can spend your holiday.

First, I made some Easter things that could make the house look absolutely spectacular. Things like 3D Easter eggs, Jesus crosses and colouring sheets looking cool so I hanged them up.

Secondly, I am letting you on a secret here so you better keep your mouth shut and I mean shut. My sisters said I could take 3 mini Easter eggs from their basket, but I accidently took twice as more than I should have so you see what I mean by keeping your mouth shut?

On Easter Sunday, my mum cooked fried rice and chicken and when I say it was nice I mean it was nice. I also ate my Easter egg. Luckily for me, my sister did not notice what I did. PHEW!

Finally, I did a few laps to get fitter, and it really worked.

I hope you got a few tips on how to spend your holiday.   




Why the holidays rule

Posted on 28/04/14 by Hansel Ungudi

My first reason why holidays rule is...

I think holidays rule because it is the best part of the year to relax and have some fun at home and outdoors with friends and family.

My second reason why holidays rule is...

When you’re at home just relaxing, and playing outside, there is nothing bothering you and you get to fill your mind with excitement.

My third reason why holidays rule is...

You get to play on the game console and go on the computer at the same time (if you’re the only kid.)

My favourite reason why holidays rule is that you get to at least have 100% fun!

The nightmare that came years early

Posted on Wednesday 24th April 2014 by Amelia karpinska

Easter great, huh but for me after having chocolate stuffed in my face got to work. The stuff I dread the most but I wanted a pair of amazing high heels so I got to do what I got to do. Waking at six and then going home at six. Tiring but I got money just not enough. I got £43.55 good for at least a week I don’t know but got money. Catch you later. Tune in next time.    

Terrific 10th

Posted: Monday 28th April 2014 By Elidana Tesfaldet

My holiday was great but the best was my 10th birthday. I woke up to a silent house and to my surprise; my brothers were flooding me with kisses and hugs. As I ate my breakfast, my dad went to get me a present. It was a purple and white bike, my favourite colours! I wore my best summer clothes and rode my bike. It was so big that I couldn’t reach the floor. I was scared but I tried it and guess what, it was like eating my birthday cake which was chocolate with white icing and five cherries. Mmmmmmmmmm, yum!  Best birthday I’ve ever had. Thanks for reading. Bye bye.