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Year 4 Clifford

Welcome to 4C!


Stay and Play 

After our Harvest assembly on Thursday 19th October, parents joined us for some fun activities back in the classroom. We designed Harvest baskets, played times table snakes and ladders and solved number clues, where we had to use and apply our understanding of number and place value. We had lots of fun! 


It was lovely to see so many parents- thank you for joining us! :-) 

Harvest Festival

4C's Harvest Festival assembly

Black history month

Year 4 performed a poem called Lift Every Voice and Sing by James Weldon Johnson

It's only week 4 and we have done so much already...

In maths we have been exploring place value, looking at what each digit represents in 3 and 4-digit numbers, using equipment such as Base 10 and place value counters. This week we have been partitioning numbers in different ways. Take a look at some of our work...

4C's Class Novel

Topher and his father are trying to get over the death of Topher's mother, an Egyptologist, when they take in a stray cat. This cat bears an uncanny resemblance to a cat ornament given to Topher by his mother and so they name it 'Ka', meaning 'double'. Topher becomes very attached to Ka and is puzzled by her mysterious absences. One day when he is playing a computer game with an Egyptian theme, Ka jumps on the keys and spells out the name Bubastis, which was the centre of cat worship in Ancient Egypt. Could Ka really be leading a double life and what is she trying to tell Topher?



PE for Autumn 1 is 'Agility, Balance and Co-ordination'. So far we have developed our balancing skills by using our arms, concentrating on an object in front of us and keeping our head still to help us keep our balance on different numbers of body parts. 


This week we have been working on our underarm and overarm throwing skills. We talked about how underarm throws are for accuracy and overarm throws are for distance. 



In English we have been writing a story based on our class novel, The Time Travelling Cat. Prior to writing we acted out different parts of the story, which we all thoroughly enjoyed! 



Pop-up Museum

On Tuesday 14th November, a pop-up museum came to school. Jack, who is from Manchester Museum, taught us all about different Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We learnt about how the artefacts made their way from Egypt to our museums. We were amazed that people organised dinner parties to show off newly discovered artefacts! We had a fun afternoon learning all about Ancient Egypt.


Back in class, we have been writing letters, in role as archaeologists, about our discovery of a statue of the Egyptian God, Horus.  

Tile Making with Maria 

We can't wait to see our tiles once they've been painted and cooked! 




Tuesday 13th March 2018

The Salford Business Education Partnership (BEP) is a well-established service and delivers in schools across Salford. The primary focus of Salford BEP is to develop and practice enterprise skills such as communication, team work, problem solving, planning, creativity, initiative and to build confidence. The children in Y4 enjoyed being journalists, interviewing each other, as well as our visitors, Jason and Toby. They used the information they'd gathered from the interviews to write a newspaper article, in pairs. 



Thursday 15th March 2018

The children had lots of fun this morning, learning the names of different body parts, in German, with Miss Chronnell. I wonder how many they can remember! 



More fencing...



4C have had a busy start to the Summer term learning all about the rainforest. In groups, we researched facts using I-pads and information books, which we enjoyed sharing with the rest of the class. Next week we are going to be organising our information under different subheadings to create an information page.  


Our homework for the next fortnight is to research an animal found in the rainforest and present our information as an information page. The information we gather will be used in our English lessons to help us to create our very own rainforest animal.  

Our class novel for this half term...

Fiddlers Ferry power station

18th April 2018


What a fun day we had at Fiddlers Ferry power station, to further our understanding of electricity. Take a look at the pictures below: 




During the summer term, we will be developing the skills required to play rounders. Today, we worked on underarm throwing and catching.  


Points to remember: 

  • Face your target
  • Keep your eyes on the ball at all times
  • Aim the ball at the person's chest


Look at us in action...

Forest School


The children enjoyed a fantastic afternoon in our school garden last Friday. They were encouraged to notice the signs of Spring, and were quick to point out the flowering buds on the trees, the shoots emerging from the vegetable patch and the tadpoles swimming in the pond.


The children were utterly mesmerised by some of Paul's elaborate and witty stories, and  they each had a turn at lighting their own mini fire, using a fire lighter.




4C had a lot of fun dressing up in red, white and blue to celebrate the Royal Wedding. How smart do our Prince Harry and Meghan look?!