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Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year 1's page where we will be sharing news, achievements and information about what we have been learning in school. 


The Year 1 team: 


Year 1CL

Mrs Clifford 

Miss Harrison (Thursday afternoon + Fridays) 

Mrs Quinn

Miss Kakanskas


Year 1CA

Miss Carlton 

Miss Harrison (Mondays) 

Miss Harrison 

Miss Cahill 

Miss Lanahan (Thursday afternoon) 

Year 1CL

Final Day in Year 1 = Party Time!

Goodbye and Good Luck Dylan- we will miss you! x

Salford Loaves and Fishes

A big thank you to everyone for your kind donations to Salford Loaves and Fishes. Mr Deane, with the help of four Year 1 children, delivered the donations this afternoon. 

Great work Year 1!

Salford Loaves and Fishes

Well done!

DT Day

We had lots of fun developing our cutting, slicing, peeling, grating and squeezing skills. We learnt the ‘bridging’ technique to cut the fruit and vegetables safely. Our favourite part was definitely eating our fruit salads with our friends!! 

Year 1 Treat Day

Year 1 enjoyed a much-deserved fun day this week, where they took part in a circus skills workshop. All children were fantastic and had a go at all the new skills, taught by our amazing teacher, Obe! 

Tuesday 13th July 2022

Y1CL enjoyed their visit to Broughton Library this afternoon and are looking forward to taking part in The Big Salford Summer Read!

Broughton Library


Today marked the end of our gymnastics lessons in Year 1, where we explored wide, narrow and curled shapes on the apparatus. There were some impressive shapes today Year 1- well done! 


Heaven's creative way of moving across the bench...

Still image for this video


This week, we developed our graphic score and performed our composition. Mr Morris introduced us to a new instrument called a Glockenspiel. Well done Heaven, this week’s star of the week!

Y1CL's Musicians!

Still image for this video

Our music star this week is Heaven!


This week, Mr Morris showed us how to create a graphic score- pictures to represent different sounds. 

Graphic Score

We used our graphic score to create a short musical composition.

Our musical composition

Still image for this video

Zurain- this week's music star!

Sunflower Update

Day 5 – we can see two shoots!

Wednesday 4th May 2022

Today we planted lavender, foxglove and sunflower seeds. Over the coming weeks, we are going to be working scientifically to observe the changes. We will take good care of them, making sure the soil is moist and the pots will be placed near the window so they get plenty of sunlight.

Planting seeds!

What plants can we find around our school?

In Science this week, we explored our school grounds, searching for garden and wild plants. We worked like real scientists, looking closely at the plants, using magnifying glasses. We found lots of different plants like daffodils, bluebells, white bluebells, daisies, dandelions and dahlea. 

Take a look at the knowledge organiser below, so you can see what we will be learning about in our Plants topic.

Easter Bonnets

Thank you to everyone who made an Easter bonnet at home- you all looked wonderful! The children loved showing them off during the Easter bonnet parade! A special well done to Ronnie and Mya J

1st place

2nd place

100% Attendance

Well done to all the children in Year 1 who came to school every single day in the Spring term. I hope you enjoy your Easter egg!

Design Technology

In DT, our task was to design, make and evaluate a model of a play structure from our local park. We had lots of fun learning how to make strong, stiff and stable structures.

Our Playground Structures


We have been learning about the role of a knight. We now know that a knight's job was to protect, defend and serve the land. To do this job they needed to wear special armour made out of metal, which would have been very heavy! We learnt the names of some of the different parts of a knight's armour: helmet, visor, shoulder guard, gauntlets (metal gloves) and lots more! We even had a go at drawing our own knight and labelling the different parts of the armour.

These three drawings in particular caught my eye- they're fantastic! Well done. 

Year 1's budding artists...


Check out what we have been doing in our Games lessons with Miss Harrison. Year 1 love PE! 

Throwing and catching in pairs

Still image for this video

Throw, clap, catch!

Still image for this video

Taking the football for a walk!

Still image for this video

Balancing and jumping with our feet together

Still image for this video

Balancing a ball on a bat

Still image for this video

Balancing a ball on a bat as we walk in and out of the cones...

Still image for this video

Waterproof or absorbent? 

In Science we worked like scientists to investigate which gloves keep our hands dry. We tried to use the scientific words 'waterproof' and 'absorbent' to explain why our hands were wet or dry. We learnt that materials like rubber and latex are waterproof because they do not let water pass through, and materials, such as paper and wool, are absorbent because they let water pass through them. 

See if you can spot any waterproof or absorbent materials at home or when you are out and about with your grown-ups! 

Clitheroe Castle Y1CL


What a fantastic first school trip we had to Clitheroe Castle on Tuesday 29th March! We were amazed to see a Motte and Bailey castle in real life. From the motte to the keep, bailey and arrow slits, we remembered so much from what we had been taught in class! Many of us could give reasons as to why Clitheroe Castle had been built in that particular location (high up and on solid ground), and we also learnt some other reasons, for example, it being near to a major road and river. They would have needed the river water for lots of things like washing their clothes.


A highlight for everyone was definitely when we were knights in training with our swords!! We also thoroughly enjoyed making our own Motte and Bailey castles using sand and sticks. It was fun when we tried to knock our castle down with the catapult and rock (bouncy ball!)! 

Soldiers in Training!

Still image for this video

Soldiers in Training!

Still image for this video

Don't Look Down!!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Dance- March, March, March 


What a great Dance lesson we had this afternoon, marching like real soldiers. We enjoyed making up our own dance routines with a partner. Take a look at Aaila and Nnenna's routine...

Aaila and Nnenna

Still image for this video


We have all been loving the warmer, sunnier days!


Thank you to Eco club who planted these beautiful bedding plants for us to enjoy. :-) 


Can you spot any signs of Spring when out and about with your families? 



Year 1 have been learning about Lent in our Religion lessons. We have been learning about how Christians use this special time to show their devotion to their faith, draw closer to God, and prepare for Easter. 

Palm Sunday


We have loved learning how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. We have also enjoyed making different shades by adding black or white paint. 


Year 1 have been learning about hygiene. We know that washing our hands helps to kill germs. We did a fun experiment with pepper and water. Take a look...

Reading Superstar!

Nnenna, you have worked so hard to improve your reading in Year 1. You love to read and always try your best in our phonics lessons and reading groups. What a great role model you are! Enjoy your new book :-) 

World Book Day 2022! 

We have enjoyed reading stories today, all cosy in our pyjamas!


In Y1CL, our favourite was definitely the book Esmee kindly brought in from home: Wonky Donkey. It made us all laugh a lot. It was so good that Mrs Clifford took it home to share with her two boys! 


In YCA we really enjoyed going to the library to read. We also made our own bookmarks to take home and we listened to a Peter Rabbit audio book!



On the last day of term in Y1CA we celebrated the end of our History 'Castles' topic by having a 'Royal Banquet'! All the children came dressed in their best clothes and we had a lovely feast! 



Clitheroe Castle


On Tuesday 18th January Year 1CA went on their first school trip to Clitheroe Castle. They had a great day exploring the castle and taking part in two workshops. They learned all about Motte and Bailey castles as well as taking part in some sword training to fight the dragons!



This term we are reading some traditional tales. We have been reading 'Little Red Riding Hood' and producing some fantastic writing based on the book. So far we have retold the story and written some letters to Grandma. The role play area has been turned into a castle with plenty of dress ups to act out some traditional stories and the children have been having lots of fun playing in the area.

How can I help my child in Year 1?


Carry on reading

Reading at home with your child is so important. It helps them to develop their learning in lots of areas. Your child will receive two new books on Monday as well as a new e-book on Friday.

You may not always have time to read the whole book (we understand home life is busy) but just a few pages a day can increase their confidence and get them into the routine of practising and applying their phonic knowledge. Sometimes parents say 'Oh my child wanted to read a book from home'. As long as they are reading, that’s fantastic. Most children this age really love to read new and familiar stories. Don't forget to read stories to your child as well!


Keep everyday learning light

Try to keep any home learning light, and don’t push it if they seem tired or reluctant. School is exhausting for a child in Year 1. They are learning so many new things at school, and may well also be starting to join activities after school as well, such as swimming or gymnastics. If you do want to do more than reading and spellings, ask your child to to retell a story, count out the cutlery for dinner, or clothes in the washing pile. Disguise the learning. They won’t want to sit at a table and focus quietly for a long period of time after such a busy day. Remember, your child is only 5 or 6 and still so young.




Our class author is Julia Donaldson. The children are thoroughly enjoying listening to and reading lots of her books. We have been able to produce some fantastic writing based on her books.



What a fantastic time we are having every Maths lesson. The children in Year 1 are amazing the teachers everyday with their dedication and perseverance towards the Year 1 Maths objectives. As we have spent Autumn 1 and 2 focusing on Place Value, most of us are ready to tackle Addition and Subtraction. I have no doubt with the 1C's positive attitude in their Maths lessons they will fully succeed! Have a look at some of the photos below to see what things we get up to in our Maths lessons.

Year 1 Nativity 2021

Minerva Prize Winner Y1CL

Well done to Anenyasha! You impress all the adults in Year 1CL every day by trying your best with your learning. Well done and keep up the hard work! 

Minerva Prize Winner 1CA


Tobi Akibu


Well done Tobi, you come to school everyday with your learning hat on. You always try your best. Keep up the good work and reach for the stars!





In PSHE we are looking at money. So far, we have had some interesting discussions using the following question prompts:


Where does money come from?

Where is the best place to keep money safe?

Why do we need money?

How is money made.


We have had a lot of great (and funny) answers! In Year 1, the children need to recognise the coins and notes as well as understanding their worth. Please support your child with this at home or in the shops when you are shopping. The children in Year 1 are very curious about money!

Chinese New Year

Thank you to Oscar and Dylan for bringing in the dragon head to show us- we all loved it! The fortune cookies were yummy too! 

Well done to Safa for winning the Christmas colouring competition, organised by our school cook, Maxine! 


Still image for this video

Super balancing, Jisire!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Princiar rocking and rolling!

Still image for this video

Amelia rocking and rolling!

Still image for this video

Nnenna's super rolling!

Still image for this video

Check out Y1CL's super singing, with our music teacher, Mr Morris!

Still image for this video

Our challenge was to design, make and evaluate a moving Christmas card to give to a family member. We explored lever and slider mechanisms on cards and in books before choosing which mechanism we wanted to use to make a Christmas card of our own. We LOVED making our cards and can't wait to take them home to show our families! 

In Art we have been exploring different printing techniques, inspired by a well-known artist, Richard Long. We enjoyed printing with different sized lids, bubble wrap and even our hands and finger tips! For our final piece, in Y1CL, we decided to use our favourite printing technique- our hands- to create a Christmas wreath. What do you think? 

In Science we have been naming our body parts and learning all about the five senses: hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste. We had lots of fun smelling and tasting different foods! 

Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores

Animal Handling Workshop November 2021

Seasons Calendar 2022

An ongoing Science topic throughout Year 1 is 'Seasonal Change' where we use our senses to explore the changes around us across the seasons. We loved making our calendars, showing how deciduous trees change through the seasons. 

Our next Science unit, after Christmas, is 'Everyday Materials'. Take a look at our knowledge Organiser, so you can see what we will be learning. 

What is a material? What types of materials are there?

So far we have explored a variety of objects and the materials from which they are made.  


We loved working as scientists to sort a selection of objects. A class favourite was definitely the ice, which is made from water! We now know that water is a material. 


We didn't expect the brick to be so heavy! 

Wednesday 19th January 2022

Today in science we investigated different types of paper. 

We all agreed that writing paper was best for drawing on with pencil. The kitchen roll was really tricky to draw on. Some of our kitchen roll even ripped! 


We discovered that kitchen roll was the most absorbent as it quickly soaked up the water. The greaseproof paper and writing paper were not absorbent. We decided that kitchen roll was the best for mopping up spilt water. 


Take a look at the pictures of us investigating like real scientists...

In Geography this half term, we have been learning about the seven continents and five oceans. We loved singing along to the continents and oceans song on Youtube. 

Spring 1

This half term, Y1CL are learning about 'Our Place in the World (Higher Broughton)'.


Our first lesson started by recapping the 7 continents and 5 oceans on Google Maps. We then looked more closely at Europe, where we live, before zooming into the UK. We zoomed in further, spotting motorways, roads, buildings and parks. We carried on zooming in until the map was showing Manchester and then Higher Broughton. We spotted McDonalds and Asda, and then we found our school!


Next, we looked at an aerial view of our school. To make the map easier to understand, we walked around the school grounds to help us work out what some of the map features and landmarks were e.g our playground, the Year 6 Annex, the Parish Hall, and even St Thomas of Canterbury church and the houses surrounding our school!


Take a look at the Knowledge Organiser below, so you can see what other exciting things we will be learning in this topic! 

Our Place in the World (Higher Broughton)

Local Area Walk 14th February 2022

In Maths we have been exploring numbers up to 100, by first making the numbers using concrete apparatus, like straws and Base 10, so we understand the value of each number.


Everyday, we count forwards and backwards within 100. Counting backwards is tricky, so we make sure we spend lots of time practising counting back from different numbers within 100! 

We have been learning to order numbers up to 100, from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. 

Before Christmas we wrote our very own book, inspired by The Highway Rat. We loved being authors and used some fantastic adjectives to describe The Highway Rat e.g. mean, sneaky, bossy, terrible, villainous. We also loved being illustrators, just like Axel Sheffler! 

January 2022

This term, we are reading different traditional tales, to inspire our writing. Our first traditional tale is Little Red Riding Hood, which we have enjoyed so far. First, we read the story and then we sequenced pictures to help us to retell the story. We have also described the wolf, using some super adjectives, like cunning and evil. Well done Year 1!