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Parking around School




Dear Parent/Carers,


We have received a complaint from a local resident about the high number of cars that are parking up on the streets outside school.  This is causing congestion around school and many of the local residents cannot access their homes. Yesterday, an ambulance was unable to get to a house because of parked cars.  I would like to ask that we are all considerate and respectful to the local residents and if possible to park a bit further away from school and walk in. 

The safety of all the children at STOC is very important and this needs to be the main priority when parking up safely.  Please bear this in mind.

The staff at STOC have all been advised the same and staff are expected to use both car parks.


Please Note: Parents are not allowed to park in the staff car parks. Our car parks are full enough and unfortunately we are not covered by insurance for any accidents that may occur.


Kind regards,


Mr D Deane