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Alphin's Generous Donation to the Nepal Appeal


Alphin Cyril from Year 1M has made all of his classmates and teachers proud after making a very generous donation to our Nepal fund. In class a few weeks earlier, Alphin mentioned that he had been saving up money (for almost 3 Years!!) in his money bank and was deciding what to spend it on. He told the class that he didn't want to spend it on himself because he already has nice things, but instead he would like to give it to children who have more difficult lives. The next thing we knew Alphin was at the school office with his money bank! He had decided to give the full contents, an impressive £26.42 to our school fundraiser for Nepal. Needless to say, he is an outstanding member of our school community and we are all extremely proud of his thoughtful and generous actions! Well done Alphin!