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Information for Parents

About the Nursery

The nursery class has 60 full time places. Once you have been offered a place you will be invited to visit and meet the nursery staff and have a look around.


Moving up to Reception

There are 60 full time places in the reception class. You will not automatically be given a place in reception even if your child has been in the Nursery the whole year. Applications are online via your council website.


New Children

New children starting in September will be offered dates when they can come along and visit the nursery with their parents/carers. At the first visit you will meet the staff. Then later have a meeting with your child’s Key Person (That’s the person who will be settling your child in and getting to know them.) It will give you a chance to have a chat and talk about your child; their likes and dislikes, worries and fears, any medical problems/allergies they may have and how we, as staff, can best help to make the children feel safe and secure whilst they are in Early Years.


We have found that it is far easier for the children if they are given time to settle into the new routines of nursery life gradually; therefore your child will come in for either mornings or afternoons to begin with. As the time it takes for each child to feel happy and secure varies it may take a little longer before your child is ready to stay all day.


Daily Routine

School starts at 8.55 each day. The playground gate is opened at 8.30. Please wait with your child at the classroom entrance in the playground. You will be welcomed by the staff and have an opportunity to talk with them each morning. There will be a  lunch menu displayed in the classroom for you to look at and choose whether your child will eat the hot meal or a sandwich. We also have a lending Library for you to borrow story books to share at home. You can change these as often as you like. There is a simple system for keeping track of the books so you will be able to choose the books with your child and take them home.






Your child will be expected to wear the school uniform whilst at school. This consists of:-


Yellow polo shirt

Navy blue sweater with school badge

Navy Blue Jogging Pants or Grey trousers or Grey skirt or tunic


Please make sure that all of your child’s clothing has their name in. It is impossible to tell whose is who’s without a name. Staff do not have time to keep looking for unnamed clothing.


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PE Kit

Children in Reception will need a PE kit in school. This consists of a plain white t-shirt, navy or black shorts and black PE pumps. 

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We play outside in all weathers so your child will need to keep a pair of Wellington Boots in school with their name inside.

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Spare Clothes

Sometimes the children have accidents or get wet in the water. We would therefore ask that you bring in a spare set of clothing that can be kept in you child’s drawer.

Our Golden Rules



Be gentle and kind to each other.


Be honest and tell the truth.


Listen to adults and each other.


Look after our toys and property.

Things You Need to Know



Cooking Money

The children cook or taste different foods every week. We therefore ask for £3.00 per half term to cover the cost of ingredients. You will be given an envelope by the teacher. Please put in your £3.00 and return to school.



It is important that your child attends school everyday unless they are ill. Children learn such a lot in the early years that missing only a few days each term can make a big difference to their learning.




Should your child be ill and unable to come to school, you should ring the school office on the first day of their absence saying what the illness is. They can then make a note in the register, as all absences have to be recorded.


Free School Meals

If you think you might be entitled to free school meals for your child you can enquire on the following numbers:


If you live at a Salford address 0161 793 2500

If you live at a Manchester address 0161 234 5003