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At St Thomas of Canterbury, we want to build strong and supportive relationships with all of our wonderful families. We offer our support in many ways and also encourage parents to seek further help or guidance whenever needed.

Here on this page, we have gathered some key information and insights into the school life of our Early Years children. To find out more, please speak to any of our Early Years team.



Building positive relationships with staff, and other children, is key for a successful start. That means children and their families knowing ‘Who’s who?’ and feeling they can approach and get to know our staff.




Our Early Years team is successful because of the commitment of not only our teachers, but the many support staff who help to guide and support pupils in their learning. Our teaching assistants take great pride in preparing and enhancing the learning environment we offer and, most importantly, in their role in each child’s learning journey. How lovely it is to see the progression of pupils from entering Nursery to leaving Reception, knowing that you have helped to influence and inspire them in so many ways!

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For further information regarding our EYFS curriculum, please follow the link below.