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The NEW National Curriculum 2014

Expectations in English

The New National Curriculum focuses on the mastery of the skills of writing – handwriting, spelling, sentence construction and punctuation.  Genres, topics, or novels are now simply a vehicle in which to develop these skills. The message is now, not to rush through coverage, but rather ensure the mastery of the writing skills. 

'Know a novel' is a new and exciting approach to English! Each class will read at least 3 full novels each year. They will learn about the story plot, the range of characters, the language choices of the writer, and indeed the writer's style.


Poetry lessons are now in place every half term! The children really love listening to, reading and reciting poems. Here, they will learn to talk about and appreciate poetry, and even become a poet themselves as they write!

New English Curriculum Overview 2014

Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing are a priority here at St. Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary. The strands of Literacy run throughout the day, across the school.

OFSTED recognised this excellence. Visit our Homepage to watch the Ofsted video clip!

In Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Speaking and Listening activities are at the centre of teaching and learning. Adults model how to speak and interact in the role play areas.

Bruce inventing a story

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The children learn stories to give them ideas for their own writing.

In Key Stage One (KS1), in the phonics lessons, the children learn to read. The phonics program 'Letters and Sounds' is delivered everyday by trained teachers and teaching assistants.

Interesting, fun and interactive short lessons, help the children to engage in their learning.

In Key Stage Two (KS2), pupils ideally enter into the Juniors as a reader. The same three literacy areas of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing remain the focus. The 'Support for Spelling' program is followed in KS2, when the phonics program is complete.

Throughout the school, each year group follow a topic-based curriculum, enjoying role play, drama, exposure to high quality texts and produce writing for a purpose. Trips out of school and visitors into classes, enrich the Literacy enjoyment and learning.

Drama in Year 6

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Acting out a scene from our WW2 story, helped pupils to understand the plot and the emotions of the characters.

The Literacy team (Mrs Abbott Y6 and Miss McCann Y1) lead Literacy throughout the school. The high quality provision for all pupils is their priority.


Regular training for teachers ensures a consistent approach to teaching and learning. The monitoring of teaching and learning takes place through lesson observations, book and planning scrutinies, and pupil interviews. Team planning and teaching takes place as a supportive model.


Local and National links help our school to remain up-to-date with developments in Literacy, such as the 'Transforming Writing' project with 'The National Literacy Trust'. The was a two-year action research project, working alongside experts Pie Corbett and Julia Strong! Look out soon for the published report!

Dragon Sighting at St. Thomas of Canterbury!

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In Spring 1, 4C have been learning how to write a witness account using fronted adverbials. Incredibly, several children claimed to have been witness to a dragon sighting here at STOC - a story that even made the local news!