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Autumn 1

Welcome to our class page. We will be putting up photos of us learning throughout the year and providing links with songs that we are singing and sharing topics and stories with you, so please visit regularly and show us the photos on our computers or tablets at home!


The children have made a great start to their Nursery year and we have really enjoyed meeting everyone in the unit and working as a whole team. We loved singing nursery rhymes together and sharing stories at carpet time. We have explored both classrooms and have thrived in our outdoor classroom and in the creative area.

Put On Your Shoes

We really laugh when he puts his scarf on his head!

Now we are in our designated classes we are getting used to the routine and  Mrs Richardson is very impressed at how we can remember our carpet spaces in the morning and throughout the day. We are working on becoming more independent and really trying hard to put on our own coats and wellies when it is time to go outside. This will become even trickier as it gets colder and we have to wear hats, scarves and gloves! The children can keep these in their tray as we continue to ask you to keep school bags at home. We need to keep practising being as independent as we can as it makes us feel very proud of ourselves when we achieve something on our own and empowers us to try new things!



We are having a great time eating our lunch together and trying lots of different foods that our fabulous kitchen staff makes for us! We are very lucky to have a wide range of meals to try throughout the week – keep your eye out for what’s on the menu daily as it is displayed in our window. Ask us if we liked it and we can always tell you what we had for our pudding! Our favourite is pizza and tomato chicken with rice. The teachers are very impressed with how well we use our fork and spoon, please keep up the good work practicing this at home as it encourages us be independent but also helps us to develop good fine motor skills.

The Wheels On The Bus

Nursery rhymes was our first topic and the children have loved sharing their favourite songs with staff. Twinkle, Twinkle and The Wheels on the Bus were the most popular, ask us to sing you the new version of Twinkle, Twinkle which features a chocolate bar and a rusty car! We have been getting creative making Incy Wincy spiders and stars for our wall. We have been using our brainboxes and working hard to learn new songs that have become class favourites.


One Little Finger

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We are really good at joining in the actions and remembering what comes next!

Our favourite stories are the ones we can join in with the words so We're Going on a Bear Hunt and The Gingerbread Man are great for letting us repeat the phrases! Please read our favourite stories to us at home as the better we get to know them the more lovely ideas we will have when it comes to writing our own stories.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Singing stories is lots of fun too!